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Genogram Spiel

Hey friends!
Remember when I was going to post weekly with therapy updates? HA. Obviously, that didn’t happen.I have still been going weekly to therapy and the change from every other week to once a week has been a freaking game changer.Even just the more frequent consistency alone helps—I am so much less likely to cancel when I am in this routine (which is good because I essentially promised M I won’t ever cancel again).
I talked briefly on my insta about using a genogram in therapy and the mass amount of benefits.I first learned about genograms when I took a family counseling course during my masters program.A genogram is a visual representation of a family tree that displays relationships amongst individuals.It also takes a closer detailed look into hereditary patterns and psychological factors.We actually had to make our own genograms in very specific detail and then proceed to identify trends and such.That assignment actually led one of my instructors to recommend I start therapy.…

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