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Milwaukee Girls Trip 2018

Last weekend, I got to take one of my favorite trips--going to Milwaukee to see my girls (and their kiddos)!  The hardest part about living in DC is being away from my best friends.  It is crazy that we are now on year 10 of friendship and even though we no longer dance on stage RedRocks, we have even more fun!  It is such a treat to get to spend the weekend with all of them at least twice a year.  Luckily, we never leave the weekend without plans to see each other again soon so we will all be together again in June or July.  On Saturday morning, we made our first stop at Emily's to pick her up and finally meet baby Henry!  We then went to one of my favorites (my trips to Milwaukee are also typically a mini favorite food tour) Bel Air Cantina to fuel up before we went to an escape room.  I totally ate my words because I talked a little bit of crap going to an escape room BUT it was a ton of fun!  And I then owed everyone a round at our favorite college bar.  After the escape room…

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