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YAY another anxiety spiel

I was trying to avoid talking about my mental health for a while because I didn’t want this blog to become so much about that. But, obviously I haven’t written a post in a while and the one thing that’s really been heavy on my mind is my anxiety and my mental health. I am so frustrated with my anxiety lately because it’s making me doubt so much from whether or not people like me to whether or not I’m a good wife to whether or not my friends are really my friends. It literally affects every single element of my life and that makes the day so much harder.  I know that when mine anxiety is telling me these things it is usually lying but I don’t typically know that until the next day or the day after when I’m no longer feeling those heavy feelings. 
I’m not here to talk about another slump in therapy. Because it’s been going really well and it’s been one of the biggest attributes to my anxiety getting better. But, it almost feels like the more work you do in therapy and the more you delve …

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