Greek Yogurt Adventures

I have no shame in this post.  I have never understood the greek yogurt craze.  I understand that its better for you.  But, if I'm already eating yogurt I take that as a win...because that means I am not having cheetos for breakfast.  So, when I tried greek yogurt for the first (and thought to be last) time, I anticipated wonderfulness.  I anticipated a changed world view, fireworks, the whole shebang.  So when it tasted like chunky, sour yogurt that had gone bad I did not get it.  Why did people like this?

For a while, I tried to disguise it by putting it in my smoothies.  But, soon after I got tired of washing my blender every morning and I was over the smoothie-for-breakfast craze.

And then last night, on a whim, while grocery shopping I decided to give it one last chance.  A dear friend has recently gone on and on about her chobani flips addiction and Ryan can't get enough of it.  And now they have a peanut butter flavor?  It was almost like chobani had read my tweets and created a greek yogurt just for me (I'm sure).  And I packed it in my lunch...


(wait for it, I know your excited)...

I finally had the life changing, fireworks, whole shebang greek yogurt love fest that is chobani flips "peanut butter dream".  And I am now going to Target immediately following work to clear their shelves and indulge in the bandwagon that I have finally jumped on. 


  1. I tried greek yogurt too and had the same thoughts... should I try again??


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