#5Faves: Aunt Life

Linking up with Call Her Happy this lovely Tuesday to focus on my fairly new aunt status.  My sister posted this epic buzzfeed video on my wall and it is...99% accurate (the 1% is that as soon as Ryan and I are married I am totes ready to hop on the baby train).  And I thought I would fully embrace being totally nephew obsessed and turn it into my weekly #5faves! 

So, my personal reasons why being an aunt is awesome as depicted in photos of the cutest nephew to exist! (Look at me! Being such a cliché....)





Have you ever seen a cuter baby?

You haven't!

Get ready world, nephew number 2 is due in just a few months and then this nephew-obsessed aunt will be multiplied by 2!

LOVE! Happy Tuesday!!! #happyauntlife


PS this link sums it up pretty well too!


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