#5Faves: Random Assortment

On this lovely Tuesday, I am linking up with Call Her Happy to bring you my top five favorite things.  This is pretty much just an abridged version of my quick takes from last week, but grad school and overwhelming stress is currently keeping me from writing a nice sassy post for you.  SO here goes...

1. Diet Cherry Coke
Seriously, I used to be a Diet Coke addict and now it has transformed into cherry goodness and I can't control it.  Today got a little hand and I had more diet coke than anything else (water or food).  Luckily, tomorrow is a new day.

2. Mindy Kaling
Oh, sheesh.  This woman is my absolute favorite.  And in honor of the new season premiering on Hulu today and her book being released, I had to give her a shout out (hi, Mindy)! I am obsessed with her show, her adorableness, and her total sass.  I can't wait for my book to arrive tomorrow in the mail.  And I am still not over the fact that she will be in DC for a book signing the DAY before I get there.  Life is unfair.

3. FaceTime
Thank goodness for facetime today (it's getting another shout out).  Because it makes long distance slightly easier.

4. Honey Crisp Apples
There are no words.

5. 4AM Airport pick-ups
This Friday that is when I will be officially on my way to DC.  And after 8 hours of traveling, I will finally be with Ryan again!

YAY! Now back to copious amounts of homework...



  1. YES to honey crisp apples! Drew says he doesn't know the difference.................. Also I didn't realize you were seeing Ryan this weekend. YAY!!


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