#5FAVES: Trader Joe's Goodies

Linking up with Call Her Happy today to present...my favorite errand.

Today I went to Trader Joe's (which I don't usually do---because holy treat overload)!  If I could eat anything I wanted without feeling horrible...I would have bought almost the entire store.  I came away with...flowers, my favorite pasta, arriabatta sauce, my favorite yogurt, and a new succulent.  BUT my very FAVORITE past purchases....

1. cookie butter cheesecake bites---buy these!
2. cookie butter sandwich cookies---I can no longer buy these because the last time I did...Ryan had one and I had the rest of the box (in two days)
3.the flowers---seriously.  ALWAYS. Their flowers are gorgeous and affordable and have the best selection.  You can't go wrong.

4. The only yogurt I love as much as Chobani flip

5. And last but not least...my very favorite pasta!

Hungry yet?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. UGH. We don't have a trader joes here :( I want to try those cookie butter cookie sandwiches!!

    1. Hmmm...I feel like those need to be purchased when we are in Omaha!

  2. Their iced tea/lemonade makes me sure that God wants me to be happy.

    I've had the cheesecake bites and they are sinful.

    1. Oh I will have to try that! The cheesecake bites cannot be purchased more than, maybe, twice a year! I eat them too fast!

  3. Alas, we don't have a Trader Joe's within 90 minutes of home. But, when we go, we stock up. It's hard to manage the frozen/perishable items though. Those cheesecake bites look delicious! I did a similar post a while back about our favorites: http://carolynastfalk.com/2015/05/27/five-favorites-trader-joes-products/

  4. Oh I love your post! Thank you for sharing! Now I think I need to head back to Trader Joe's tomorrow!


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