Adventures in DC: Part One

First, why DC?  Around January of last year, Ryan was feeling particularly down about his current LLM (essentially a masters in law) program and I encouraged him to apply to his only other LLM option, Georgetown.  I had no idea what was in store.  About four months later, he got the letter in the mail.  He had gotten in.  He was over the moon...I was excited..for him!  I was immediately overwhelmed with the possibility of moving so far away from a life I have been building in Milwaukee.  But, over time, as things started to come together, I came around to the idea (the engagement didn't hurt).  The program is only a year and Ryan left in August.  I decided to join him in January even though it would only be for six months.  I am graduating from grad school in December and can't start my career until the next fall so after a lot of encouragement from family we decided I would join him after Christmas until the next adventure!

So, as of right now, I will join him soon (not soon enough) and we will live there until graduation unless he takes a job there.  Or...he could take a job ANYwhere.  Essentially, a year from right now we could be anywhere and I am only slightly terrified by that idea!

This was supposed to be about my trip...

That will come next!

Happy Monday!  YAY for new tv!


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