Adventures in Handiwork: My Toilet Won't Stop Running Edition

If you don't want to read a boring story about fixing a toilet (and women empowerment) you can move along to another post right now!

Really?  Okay.  Here you go.

A week ago my toilet suddenly stopped flushing regularly (yay) and wouldn't stop running.  I ignored because I live alone and sometimes I am gross.  But, after a few days I mentioned it to my dad and he immediately said he would be able to figure it out and it would be cheap (essentially the whole reason I was putting it off...I would much rather buy these new boots than fix a toilet). 

So today, after putting it off, I facetimed my dad and showed him the toilet.  With some finagling of the phone and "jimmying" everything around (does that actually work for anyone?)  the diagnosis was: I needed a new toilet fill valve.  Luckily, my dad is an ol' pro because I had no idea what that was.  I was promised it would cost me "$10--or maybe $20?"  So I high tailed it to Menards before work at crossed my fingers.

Side Note: Why hasn't anyone told me how amazing Menards is?  You know what you can buy in one trip?  Levi's.  New shoes.  Chips and a diet coke (I definitely did that--also best chip selection ever). Laundry detergent.  Storage tubs (on sale!).  AND what you need for the toilet.

I nonchalantly facetimed my dad in the aisle and we found the part (only $6 major score).  I was riding a major high at this point.  Apparently the root of my self-esteem is my ability to fix things or even prepare to do it.
When I got home from work, I worked with my trusty assistant (again my dad on facetime) and it was frustrating.  And annoying.  And I was getting irritated. AND THEN!
(Check out that full tank!)

We did it.  We got the thing flushing and working and it was beautiful.  And I'm not going to lie...I haven't felt that proud of myself in a long time!  It was definitely luck...from my inspiring tshirt and my dad's continuing commentary about my knack for handiwork and how I should start a youtube that may be coming :)
my lucky productivity shirt--thanks, mom!

IF you read this whole thing, wow! And if you aren't my parents or my sister than DOUBLE WOW. 

Good luck with all your upcoming toilet adventures!


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