Adventures in Long Distance Dating

Long distance dating is HARD. Long distance dating looks a lot like having Cheetos for dinner, going out to eat by yourself, and crying to your mom.  It looks like little arguments over miscommunication, frustration when you realize you have four weeks instead of three until you see each other (we are now down to less than two), and constant "nagging" for wedding details when your significant others is "studying" (he is actually always studying...sometimes it's just hard to believe how much studying is actually needed). 

Thankfully I have learned through the law school journey with Ryan that when he says he can't text me a lot when he is studying for eight hours it is REALLY because he is studying the whole time.  It took a long time for my super sensitive self to accept that.

But, long distance dating also looks like silly facetime calls just to say hi, lots of babysitting jobs ($$) for other people's date nights, and time for working out without feeling bad about taking away from time with each other. 

Before Ryan left, he was working in Chicago (commuting every day on the Amtrak from MKE to CHI) and I was living about 30 minutes away from him with traffic.  Our time together was precious to us and it left us both feeling very blah about the amount we were eating out and the lack of working out.  We were choosing each other over ugly red faced cardio.  Now, we have time for that.  We are also talking SO much.  I have learned so much about Ryan in this little bit of time that we have been apart.  And he has probably learned more about me than he ever needs to (like how I lose the key to the condo and find it 20 hours in my hunter boot while he is rushing to overnight me his key...cute charming things like that).

And the time will fly by.  I know that rationally.  When I can't seem to remember that, I call my mom and cry (she is the best) or text my sister,Emily  non stop.  They are both troopers and the silver lining there (other than talking to them) is learning so much more about them too.  I am trying to take the time I have to be as present as's a work in progress.  And when we look at the big events in the next few months, time will fly until we get to the New Year (the big move to DC happens after that...a story for another time).  We have a visit in 2 weeks, a meeting with the priest in MKE in October, Thanksgiving together, and then he will be in MKE for my graduation and engagement photos in December.  And then the long distance is over!

It's been an adventure and I can only imagine what it will continue to be like (fingers crossed there is less cheeto eating and more salads...for the sake of trying on wedding dresses next month).  And more laughter than crying.

One of my very many solo meals (after multiple palomas with friends on Saturday I had no shame in sitting in Five Guys solo
One of many FaceTime hair always looks that awesome

The types of conversations that start to happen...

And last but not you celebrate Labor Day solo!

Enjoy your vacation Monday!


  1. Does Ryan actually study or only "study" haha but for realz I hope this semester speeds by! Before you know it, it's going to be October 22, 2016!


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