Adventures in Milwaukee

Every summer, I make a bucket list for Ryan and I.  It typically goes almost completely ignored.  However, each May I am convinced that that summer will be different.  The list is even often filled with things I don't even really want to do...but that I feel like I SHOULD do.  Typical FOMO.

So, when we found out we would be moving and that this could possibly be our last summer in Milwaukee (I can't even stomach the thought), I was determined to make it the best most Milwaukee-y summer possible.  I started out with making a cute bucket list print to frame for DC.

The bucket list was edited and re-edited so much after that initial list that we can just pretend we did everything on there.  It ended up looking like this.

We had a blast.  The highlights were definitely...everything.  We ended up with two doughnut places on there---one of which will be present at our wedding.  We had about...4 different pizza places on there, too!  We are definitely food people. 

The top 3 were definitely:

1. Piccolo Pizzeria: if you are ever in MKE GO there, especially if it's warm.  The outdoor seating is adorable and it is the perfect place for a date night or a family night out.  There are lights strung, picnic tables, live music, amazing pizza, and red wine for days.

2. Red Lion: we had the best date day there.  It turned into a drunken evening there as well...

3. Brewers/Pirates game: I got Ryan tickets for his birthday and had planned a big tailgate with his friends...little did he know his brother (yay--now my future brother-in-law) was coming to surprise him as part of his gift!  It was the first (and possibly last) time I was ever able to pull off a big surprise for him!

Happy Thursday!...I'm off to pack for my trip to DC tomorrow!



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