Adventures with My Mom

This past weekend my mom came to visit for an epic girls weekend.  We had been counting down the days for a month and were anxiously awaiting all the fun that comes with a girls trip: drinks, shopping, laughing planning!

My mom flew in on Friday afternoon and I was lucky enough to get out of work early to surprise her at the airport.  She was thrilled.  She literally jumped in the air and couldn't have hugged me tighter.  It was awesome.  Her gratefulness exceeds all expectations.  

We went to the condo and she played santa pulling out treats for me out of her suitcase (one of many "mom is in town" perks)!  We went to the Milwaukee Public Market (best place ever) anticipating to have a quick lunch and head back to the condo to change and go see the reception venue.  Instead...we ordered large margaritas in take away cups and walked all around the market before going back to the margarita bar for tacos (or a sald...I won't say who had what).  We then decided we had enough time for a little shopping (always) and stopped in Anthropologie to hunt for birthday gifts for Em and to check out possible things to register for.  Instead, we bough a coffee mug with an R on it (I already have the M) and what seemed to be an even greater buzz than what we had when we walked in!  We then called a cab (whoops) because we were going to be late for the venue tour and then checked it out.

Luckily, my mom liked the venue just as much--if not more--than I do!  We then went to visit my friend Emily's open house for her new company PALS, inc.  I highly recommend this organization to anyone with a child who has any sort of social needs!  It is an amazing feeling to see a dear friend be so successful in her passion!  Then we did...more shopping!  And had a wonderful dinner at Pizza Man (another place you should go if you are in town).
Our Saturday was equally packed with fun!  We went to Cranky Al's (also recommend) so my mom could try the donuts we will have at the reception...and also because they are the best donuts and it has the best atmosphere.  Then (and then and then and then) we went to get our nails done AND even though she had promised my dad not to get a matching tattoo with me...this was the moment she told me she felt like that's what we should be doing next...for the record (we tend to have that much fun).   We then picked up some treats at Whole Foods for the ladies night I was hosting that night and popped in to the grocery store for more snacks (my eating habits are too unhealthy and too cheap to do all my shopping at Whole Foods).  

We went to see (and for my mom to meet) my dear friend Hannah (I lived with their family this past year) get ready for homecoming and to meet her boy (Hannah, if you're reading this---#relationshipgoals).  And then we did a LITTLE more shopping (actually birthday shopping for Em!) and had an awesome dinner at AJ Bombers.  (Best burger in MKE)  Then the girls came over and although we had all intentions to go out, we stood around the kitchen drinking and catching up all night.   It was so fun to have my mom join my typical girls' night!  Even though she was up much past her bedtime!

On Sunday, we slept in and went to Gesu for mass (I get giddy everytime I'm there pictures my wedding ceremony...only slightly distracting from mass).  I got the time wrong so we were early enough to walk around the Joan of Arc chapel which is always a must (I feel llike this is turning into a tourism post for Milwaukee...) and then headed straight to Cafe Centraal for an epic brunch where we scored a perfect end-of-the-bar seat.  

To end our weekend, we poked around Bayshore and got some Kopp's (another must, of course) and no mother daughter weekend is complete without...a trip to target before I dropped her off at the airport!

It was the perfect weekend and just what the doctor ordered.  Seriously, the only thing missing was Emily!  Who we wished was there the whole time!  I dream of a day when all the Isom ladies can have an epic girls weekend somewhere fun!!!

I now feel very aware of how much I eat in a weekend :)  and even more how much I love/have fun with my mom!  If you thought this weekend was epic...this weekend Ryan is finally visiting and the next weekend the whole family will be together in Omaha for a baby shower, wedding dress shopping, and the meeting of Ryan and I's parents!




  1. Aww looks like you guys had so much fun! :) Thanks for shopping for me too!!

  2. Aww looks like you guys had so much fun! :) Thanks for shopping for me too!!


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