7QT: Fave Foods

Linking up with for a Quick Takes post!  This is only my 3rd 7QT post (so please bare with me)!  I am frantically typing this on my dad's work computer from home so if it's less hilarious, blame the rush!

Today I flew home (Omaha) for the weekend to host my sister-in-law's baby shower with my sister and to go wedding dress shopping (WHOO!) on Sunday.  And everytime I go home I am so kindly reminded of my idiosyncrasies (wow, what an impossible word to spell, let's pretend like I didn't use spell check).  These mostly consist of, but are not limited to, me talking passionately about any and all food I love (I get it from my dad) and describing everything like "a cloud".  So I thought I would take this opportunity to highlight my top 7 best foods ever (warning: none of these are healthy).

1. Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate (from Starbucks)
This is no longer a top food but deserves a shout out because years ago I raved about them to my mom and sister, demanded they try it, and was the first time cloud was used in a food description.
For the record, they did not agree with me.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am addicted to hot cheetos.  This buzzfeed article says it all.  (I do cancel plans with friends to enjoy hot cheetos, an ice cold diet coke, and a good tv show, occasionally).

3. Speaking of...DIET COKE.
My addiction has decreased to one or two a day...yea it used to be pretty horrible.  I love an ice cold diet coke.  Especially, a bottled one that gets a little icey in the freezer...not too icey or it loses it's flavor.  My recent new development is diet cherry coke---MMMM!  On a bad day, I would kill (or at least punch) for one.

4. Freddy's
For those of you that haven't heard of Freddy's, it's an awesome chain that serves the BEST steakburgers and french fries.  I am particularly partial because I love the fry seasoning (totally becoming my new thing).  Luckily, there is one only 30 minutes away from where I will be living in DC!

5. Chick Fil A Diet Frosted Lemonade
This is my most recent food that contains a "cloud" like comparison.  Also, if Olaf from Frozen was a summer snowman he would taste like this....can you tell it's almost midnight and that I am exhausted?  But really, it's true.  I am pretty sure it is only a seasonal menu item (I hope so) otherwise, my pants may stop fitting.

6. Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies (from Trader Joe's)
I brought these home with me on my trip and everyone agrees!  Hoorah!  They do, literally, melt in your mouth.  And they can be very dangerous if you are left alone with a box and lack self control like I do.

7.  Last, but not least,...fried pickles
I don't care if you tell me you hate pickles, if you are at a restaurant with me and frickles are on the menu I will make you try them.  And if you don't like them, I will happily eat the basket myself.  Ryan hates them but tries them everytime and is then nice enough to let me put the basket in the middle of the table so I can pretend I didn't eat the entire appetizer myself....

This pretty much sums up why I will be the worst pregnant woman ever when it comes to cravings...poor Ryan!

And the person I want to eat up the most....


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