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Linking up with Kelly today to continue my linktoberfest stride! I'll be honest, all of the blogs I follow are from Emily's recommendation! But, I was introduced to Catholic All Year from Emily AND through 7QT so I'm going to count that :) I need to really start devoting some time to finding my own blogs to read and stop relying so much on my little sister (isn't it supposed to be the other way around?)!

1. I have really been thinking about my "voice" on my blog. I feel like it's rambley and not very thoughtful. I don't know. I whole heartedly believe that comparison is the thief of joy and that may be why I'm feeling this way! I want my blog to reflect who I am and what my life is like at the moment (which I guess is pretty rambley) but I want to do it in an intentional way. My blogging has seemed to replace my normal journaling and I'm realizing that without writing things down regularly, I am constantly thinking about a million things at once. 

2. Speaking of! I can't stop thinking about the fact that two months from right now, I will be packing to move to DC. And this may be the most bittersweet experience I've ever had because that also means two months from now I'll be leaving my friends that I've lived with and near for the past eight years. I don't know if the uncertainty of moving back to Milwaukee is more of a good or bad thing. It keeps me hopeful but also constantly doubting. And it's not fun for friendships :( I can't think for more than a minute about saying good bye to my bestfriends without crying BUT then I think that's crazy because I'll be with Ryan every day (yea---the rambleyness of this post is not going unnoticed---I'll work on that next time)! Sigh. Being a grown up is hard. Sometimes I just wish I could be one of those people that goes to school, lives, and marries someone from home (even though distance from loved ones is the only thing I would change about my life which I do appreciate) Those people have it so easy!! ---again I need to take my own advice from #1. 
But I would do anything to live in the same city as the fam!! 

3. On a lighter note, Em and I hosted a super fun shower for our sister-in-law last weekend! I'll blog about it more soon but check out how cute this photo op was! The shower was story book themed and the decorating was a blast.
4. I am so sad that the family I've been working for is moving in a month! It's the shortest I've ever worked for a family but I feel so close to their kiddos! The little girl and I even match on the regular. 

5. Speaking of nannying, I feel like all I do is play with kids! Counting jobs today, I have five different babysitting jobs this weekend! One of the moms told me she found motherhood easier than being a nanny (her children are angels) and while that may be totally controversial to mom readers, it does make me feel a little better while trying to get a little boy to eat meatloaf and getting kicked in the face. 

6. Even though the highlight of last weekend for me would have to be the dress, the very best part was being with my siblings and parents all together! It happens so rarely, but when it does nothing beats it. We didn't get a photo all together but how cute are my sisters and mom! 
7. Last but not least, I know everyone's been dying to know...I told my (future) father in law to watch HTGAWM! AND I got that big paper done and it was turned in yesterday...all 30 pages of it! 

Happy weekend!!



  1. I have never had a regular nanny gig, but I would bet it's tougher than parenting mother of four, six and under). Don't get me wrong it's 24/7 and some days are very trying, but some days are really simple. Plus I know my kids better than other people's kids. I can anticipate the next move...sometimes. Lots of wonderful changes coming your way!

    1. Nanny is so much fun because you get to go home, for one thing! I guess I just look forward to the kids I take care of loving me instead of crying when they see me :) :) But I can't imagine having 4 six and under! I bet it's never a dull moment!!

  2. Warning, being a grown up is super hard... and you never feel like you are actually prepared or actually a grown up or actually know what your doing.. we are all just pretending ;) You will do fine! All the best with your move! My husband had to move from Wisconsin all the way to Canada to marry me 4 years ago, it is hard to move and start over but when its really worth it, then, it's really worth it! All the best!

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