7QT: This week in a nutshell!

Linking up with Kelly today! For Link-toberfest today...I have done very few 7Qt posts as this is just the beginning of my blogging journey, but so far my favorite has definitely been my very first seven quick takes post that focused on my seven favorite things at the time! Even though it was only a month ago, it's fun to remind myself of all the little things I have been finding joy in lately and sometimes I definitely tend to get a little caught up in the negative and seem to forget (lately).

1. Last Saturday, I got my first stitch fix! I was as excited as ever.  My mom and sister have both recently started it and I had to jump on the band wagon too...even though we are a little late to the fix-party!  I had high hopes and I was not disappointed.  I ended up keeping three out of five things and the ones I didn't keep were definitely my fault! I had linked up my profile with my pinterest board and just have one general clothes board.  So, it is filled with pictures for ideas on how to wear my vests.  Low and behold I got another vest!  I would have definitely kept it (I can convince myself that I need ANY article of clothing...like these shoes for example) but I am not a huge fan of winter white in terms of outer wear and the fifth item was a coordinating scarf! (And I now have a separate stitch fix board).

They sure do get you though!  It would have only been about $30 more for me to keep both! WHAT? That blew my mind.  Anyways...

What I did keep:
Please ignore the horrible quality--I had to go selfie style and my mirror game is lacking.
This awesome black cardigan/zip sweater situation!  Totally unlike something I would typically buy but I love it.  I wore it yesterday with a striped long sleeve shirt and statement necklace.  This will definitely become a staple in my closet.

This oversized gray V-neck sweater.  Another great staple and another item I wouldn't seek out in a store.  I am looking forward to wearing this with black skinnys, my toms booties, and a large scarf!  I was at first worried it was too big, but was surprised about how flattering I think it looks from the side!

And lastly, I had asked for a fall jacket and got exactly what I hoped for!  This wonderful army green jacket that debuted itself when I went apple picking last Sunday!  It is a total winner.  And I hope that it is something that stays timeless in my closet even though it's pretty trendy (at least in Milwaukee)!

2. This week I also made homemade applesauce with my apple picking (out of a barrel) apples!  I had never had homemade applesauce growing up and just in the past couple of years have started making it each fall.  I can't wait to continue the tradition!  This year, I loosely followed this recipe, but skipped adding the sugar and did 50/50 of water and cider...and as you can see I used lots of cinnamon!

3. I also baked some Halloween funfetti cupcakes with some kids that I nanny!  It was equally fun for all of us and I managed to not use any of the frosting that they repeatedly dipped their fingers in...my swatch watch (imagine Tom Haverford's voice right here ) that I had a little treat yo self moment with in September debuted for the occasion...see how with one extra babysitting job I can convince myself I need anything?

4.  I shared a great lunch of cheese sandwiches with Peppa and George.

5. I HAD THE BEST DMV EXPERIENCE EVER.  That deserved to be yelled.  This was my first DMV experience as an adult AKA without my mom and I prepared for the worst.  I also overly prepared.  I got there right when it opened, my number was called immediately after it was given to me, and I had filled out TOO much paper work.  I was in and out in 15 minutes with new license plates and a transferred title...all to gear up for the selling of my car in two months!  I was so happy after that.  Set the tone for the whole day.

6.  Had a lovely FaceTime call with Ryan last night...we don't facetime often because he is usually at school from 8am-11pm but we snuck in a good night call last night!

7.  I got my massive group paper back last night and we got an A!  From chatter about the class and this assignment from past students, that seems pretty uncommon.  I also had met with my advisor about a research project I am working on and she said she had heard that our paper was awesome.  So that was an excellent way to end the week!  If only I still didn't have 50 more points of work for the class left!
Yea, I was so excited I took a picture of it to send to Ryan!
Happy Friday!!!


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