Adventures in Apple Picking

Yesterday, I was finally able to satisfy my fall activity craving! After work at the nursery I drove to Apple Holler, an apple orchard between Milwaukee and Chicago, to meet my friend Becca and two of her friends for some apple picking!  Becca is one of my best friends and we used to be roommates! Since she moved to Chicago we don't get to see each other as much as we'd like, but it sure is awesome when our plans work out. 

We were able to perfectly recreate our same outing last year! We spent our time walking through the orchard (we actually bought pre picked apples from barrels) taking advantage of the photo ops, catching up, and eating apple flavored goodies! 

I was so excited that in my stitch fix that arrived the day before I got a perfect army jacket to wear! I also finally had an opportunity to rock my LL Bean boots that Ryan's mom sent me last April!

After a wonderful afternoon, Becca drove back to Milwaukee with me for a sleep over! It was exactly what the doctor ordered. This past week had left me feeling pretty down in the dumps and extra lonely so girl time was perfect. 

We went by our old apartment and ate at our favorite lady date place, Zaffiro's! 
I love that girl so much! Tomorrow I've got another fun fall lady date planned so I am spending my Monday feeling pretty refreshed and ready for the week! 

This lunch with Peppa and George didn't hurt either! 
Happy Monday, friends!


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