Adventures in Baking

So, Ryan flies in tomorrow for some wedding appointments and I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve! I also felt like a mom whose kid is visiting from college... I wanted everything to be perfect! So, I decided to bake!

I used to bake for Ryan all the time when we first started dating and I really don't any more! Mostly because when we started dating I had my own kitchen (I do now, but for a while that wasn't the case) and wasn't in grad school at night! But, I feel like I've dropped the ball. I started to peruse my "sweet treats" Pinterest board (I have about 1,000 pins on that board that I've never made). I chose this cheesecake and these pretzels.

And I took some lovely low quality photos of the process last night.
The finished product this morning

I'll let you know how they turn out when Ryan gets here!

Happy what-feels-like-Christmas-eve!



  1. ummm YUM!! I hope you have fun with Ryan this weekend! Let's facetime!

  2. Yum those look delicious!
    And let me just introduce myself a little, I have been reading Emily's blog for a little while and just found you through quick takes and I am totally going back and reading through your old posts! But I am getting flashbacks because I dated my now hubby for 3 years long distance and I would often fly into Milwaukee to visit him and we have many many tear filled hellos and good byes in that MKE airport! Prayers for you and Ryan!

    1. Ah yes! That airport will forever be bittersweet!!! Thank you for your prayers and for introducing yourself. And it's so funny because I was just talking to Emily about hoping to find a blog with a similar story or past situation and here you are! Thank you for sharing the comment love! I am going to creep your posts now :) Praying for your beautiful family!


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