Adventures in Optimism

The few days after Ryan and I have to say good bye have become the absolute hardest. And I am really feeling down. So I am going to take this moment to work on finding the joy in right now.

More for my sake than anything, reasons why I am lucky/happy/blessed/shouldn't be moping.

  • Tuesday night TV is pretty good.
  • Personal pizza for dinner.
  • I get to be with my whole fam in 3 days.
  • I'm marrying the sweetest boy I know in 12 months.
  • Halloween decorations are adorable (especially mine).
  • I have been killing my to do list for the week.
  • I've been taking out a lot of time in my days to excercise recently.
  • Caramel apple suckers.

YAY mission accomplished.
Feeling much better!

Happy Tuesday, friends!



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