Adventures in procrastination, dresses, and new TV

I am currently procrastinating doing everything that I am supposed to be doing right finish a 25 page group paper that is due on Thursday.  Why is it that the last step of a project always seems to be the hardest one to complete? 
My current procrastination station!

I'll be honest, I really just can't stop thinking about my wedding dress that we bought on Sunday!  Seriously.  I wish I could post a picture on here.  I am having the hardest time not showing every single person I come across.  I am a total bridal clichĂ©.  I went in looking for EXACTLY what I had decided I wanted.  And I put it on first and totally felt defeated.  I did not have that magical moment!  And I am an inpatient person so I was nervous and the poor consultant...I was sweating like crazy.  It took until dress #3 to feel the "wow" and all I will say about it is that it is so UNlike me that when my sister repeated back to me what I was getting, we both started cracking up! 

I realize how lucky I was to find the one on the third try!  We were at a great bridal store in Omaha so I figured it wouldn't be hard to find the perfect dress.  One thing I hadn't anticipated was what the best part would really be.  It may be because my future mother-in-law had only met my family the day before, but the best part for me was hearing all of the laughter and chatter that was going on in the store while I was in the dressing room.  I definitely had one of the biggest bridal "entourages" I've ever seen, but it made it all the more fun. 

And the new big question on my plate...what show do you recommend to your future father-in-law when his favorite show was Parenthood?  No pressure.  But, really???

Happy paper writing to every-other-grad-student-out-there-who-is-miserably-writing-a-paper-while-waiting-for-her-nanny-kiddos-to-get-off-the-school-bus!


  1. Congratulations on finding your dress!!! Such an exciting moment!

    1. Thank you! I still can't believe it really happened!!

  2. Congratulations on finding your dress!!! Such an exciting moment!


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