Adventures with Ryan (in MKE)

Ryan was in town this weekend and, as expected, it went by way too fast!  I picked him up at the airport on Friday night...I was so giddy! We went straight to Blaze for pizza (#priorities) and then went to an awesome chocolate shop called Kilwin's. And it felt just like he had never left.
I felt that my airport outfit needed to be documented! 
Look at that cutie! 
On Saturday, we went to Stone Creek Coffee in the AM to get a little studying done. 0 studying was actually done, but I had my first pumpkin spice latte and felt that it needed to be documented also.
We went straight from there to meet Fr. Doug who is the priest that will be marrying us. I've known him since my sophomore year at Marquette and Ryan had never met him so I was pretty excited. They hit it off just like I expected (being in a pub didn't hurt)! And we talked about the marriage prep and the next steps to come.

Then Ryan and I spent a lot of time relaxing and watching a weirdly large amount of documentaries about sports and steroids...? I don't know why. Then we did our normal weekend hangs and went to Chipotle and did my grocery shopping together.

That night we went to red light ramen which was an experience! Ryan had been before with our friend Hampton and I was told that even though I don't like Ramen I had to try it. A nice restaurant downtown closes at 10 and then reopens at 11:30 as a red light ramen. They keep the lights off and there is one ramen option on the menu (along with a boozey slushie). We met Hamp outside to stand in line (they only let a certain amount of people in at a time and the rest wait outside). It was very cool. Not my food choice but definitely an awesome atmosphere. 
Using his light from his phone to read the menu
Ryan was not happy to take this photo...I kill his street cred 😂

On Sunday, we went to Cranky Al's (obviously) and then spent the afternoon being cozy and making my dad's famous chili. 
The airport drop off was the worst yet. I might have cried the whole way there, the whole good bye, and the entire ride home. We decided yesterday that we would add a visit between now and thanksgiving because it's just too hard.

I kept reminding us that we are so lucky to love each other this much and have each other. But it didn't help in the moment 😊

Now we're back to school (for him) and work (for me) until our next adventure!


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