Adventures in Girl's Weekends and Thankfulness Continued...

Everything going on with grad school has definitely put all other things behind...including this blog!  I have been keeping track on a little post-it things that I am particularly thankful for each day in hopes of continuing my days of thankfulness until Thanksgiving rolls around :)

This past weekend was spent in MN with some of my very best girlfriends.  36 hours is not enough time for catch up!  Four of us drove down on Friday after work and got there around midnight to visit our friend, Kristina!  Four of us were in undergrad together and then the four of them were all in the Marquette Speech Pathology grad school program (I know more about speech path than ever will be necessary).  I love them all dearly and we had so much fun shopping, getting coffee, talking weddings, babies, and life, drinking, and playing a million games of Tenzi (which I highly recommend).  Sadly, the weekend came to a close much to soon, but Kristina will be back to visit us with her husband next month for a Marquette game!
Our self-timer picture didn't totally go as planned
Nothing beats Tenzi, sangria, and best friends
Thankful Updates:
November 4th: I am so thankful for the fact that I get to spend so much of my days babysitting and nannying the cutest kids.  It is such a satisfying job.  And if I wasn't in grad school right now (or worried about health insurance) I would completely be willing to do this full time.  With the right family, I can easily say it has been the best job I have ever had.  Today I spent my day at the zoo and can I complain?
November 5th: I am so thankful for my time at my old internship site.  Last year, I was supposed to be at SLI just for the fall.  That turned in to me still going in one day a week in the spring and....still going in this fall even though it doesn't count for hours anymore.  I LOVE my supervisor (she is a serious rockstar turned friend) and the women in the office alone are reason enough to endure the 50 minute drive there and back every Wednesday.  I will be so sad to leave them and my little anxiety group that I lead!
November 6th: I am so thankful for...finding the exact tulle skirt that I was seeking in my last post.  Is that superficial?  It is a little bit.  But, really! I am excited and anxious to try and put the outfit together (I am still not totally convinced I can pull the skirt off) but I am going to try my hardest!
November 7th: Girlfriends.  The girls I went on my trip with are serious confidants that I don't know what I would do without!  They are all standing up, or taking part, in my wedding and I am so glad that I will be able to share all these major moments with them like I have for them in the past.
Our lovely host
November 8th: I am thankful for roadtrip survival foods and having no shame!  I ended and began the trip with hot Cheetos and diet coke...just as it should be.
November 9th: I am thankful for sweet friends who lend me their Marquette season tickets to take other sweet friends to the basketball game :) exhibition game or not, when nachos, beer, and good company are involved, I am a happy camper!
November 10th: JohnMark! My sweetest little nephew.  He had his first solid food today!  And yesterday he army crawled his way to the phone while I was on FaceTime--it doesn't get much better than that!  I can't wait to see that little nugget at Christmas time! I am such a lucky auntie.
You can see my past updates here.  Fingers crossed that maybe at some point I will be thankful for a new job in DC :)

Happy Tuesday, guys!!


  1. I love your little thankfulness project! And I am so glad you have such a great group of friends! It looks like it was a fun weekend! Let's see some pictures of the skirt!!!!

  2. Hi Megan! I've never commented before but I found your blog because Emily and I knew each other in college and I read hers. :) I was just going to comment and tell you that there's a beautiful black tulle skirt at Shabby Apple ( if the one you found doesn't work out -- they're a great company, and they're where I got my bridesmaid dresses a few years ago. Oh, and I love your thankfulness project! Such a good idea. Nice to "meet" you!!

    1. Hi Hannah!! Thank you for reaching out! Nice to "meet" you too! I LOVE the skirt on Shabby Apple. Thank you for sharing. I am definitely going to return the one I originally ordered and by the one from them. And it looks like I might be adding some other items to my Christmas list as well!


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