Adventures in StitchFix

I know I already talked about my stitch here BUT today I went crazy on my pinterest board hunting for ideas for Ryan and I's engagement photos!  I am dying to find a perfect tulle skirt or dress...and it would be even more perfect if it was delivered to my front door! 

If anyone knows where I can find one, I would buy it myself!  But, I have never seen one in stores.  I am dying just thinking about a big tulle skirt outside with snow on the ground (beauty is...freezing?).  We get three outfit changes and I wanted one to be on the fancy side and I think this would be perfect. 

I love the ease of adding items to my pinterest stitch fix board and writing them a note along with my order!  I am putting a lot of hope into this next shipment...I need an engagement picture outfit and something for graduation (which is in 5.5 weeks...WHAT?).

You should DEFINITELY order your own if you haven't already.


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