Adventures in Thankfulness

Usually, I skip right over Thanksgiving and hop on board the Christmas train. BUT this year my Christmas tree is in a storage unit and Ryan has the only copy of the DC! So, it's forcing me to embrace a holiday I typically like to skip over (solely because of my love of all things Christmas and my distaste for turkey)!

In doing so, I thought I would use my blog as a space to reflect on all things I'm  thankful for this year (which is never ending)!  I think I'll list something daily and put it at the end of my twice-weekly (when I'm on top of it) posts! 

This week:
November 1st: I am thankful for my insanely supportive fiancĂ©! (Starting the list off strong! He has been so supportive of me from afar and I am so grateful for that. Things have started to go VERY well for him in DC as of late which is also making things easier for him. It's been an overall win-win lately! 

My favorite forms of his support as of late
November 2nd: For coloring dates with friends! Last night, I had a coloring and dinner date with a good friend of mine from the church nursery and it was so relaxing and rejuvenating. Just what the doctor ordered. 

November 3rd: Today I am thankful for, hopefully, a passing licensure exam.  (Update: the exam has been passed! I definitely got a speeding ticket on the way home...but I would have rather passed and gotten a speeding ticket than failed and no ticket at all!) And all the Diet Coke that helped get me here! 
A celebratory meal for one and a coke float to go!



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