The best part of this thanksgiving season is that it's one of the first I've really embraced and celebrated in a long time.  I will admit that next year I will probably put my tree up before Christmas again, but I really enjoyed my gratitude practice this month.  I wrote up a collaborative list with all of my daily thanksgivings and it made me so happy.  I am truly a blessed woman.  And even though I wasn't able to spend my thanksgiving this year with my own family, I was lucky enough to get to spend it with Ryan's extended family! 

So without further ado, my last few days of the thanksgiving season!

November 24th: A wonderful place to live--the condo I live in right now is truly a blessing! Ryan's parents own it and are letting me stay in it for free. It has a beautiful view of the city and really feels like home. 

November 25th: My health--I am so grateful for fairly good health, other that absolutely needing dental work done! This year (knock on wood) I haven't gotten the nasty cough I typically do around this time and I am so grateful for that!! 

November 26th: My family (and my soon to be family)--this is one of the first thanksgivings I haven't been with my family and it has been so hard! But, Ryan's extended family located in MD and VA welcomed me with open arms today. Neither of us were able to be with our parents and it was so nice to be with his aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandpa!! They have plenty of traditions too which was a great distraction from missing my own! 
And this adorable screenshot I took of JM today! 


Love and turkeys!



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