Thankfulness Continued

I just got back from my weekend in DC and 90% of the trip was amazing. 

Because of that 10%, I am feeling like this would be a great time to focus on my gratitude for the Thanksgiving season as I work to sort through some crazy emotions.

November 11th: I am thankful for girlfriends (this might be a repeater?).  This past Wednesday I went to dinner and did Christmas shopping with two of my wonderful friends.  They always know how to put a smile on my face.  PLUS I got a LOT of my Christmas shopping done so that was a major win too.

November 12th: Adult coloring books...On Thursday, I bought a new Christmas adult coloring book (to add to my collection of many) and bought the new Crayola nicer colored pencils as was a pretty big day.  Coloring is a major coping mechanism for was almost like I knew something bad was coming up...but now I am totally prepared!

November 13th: RESEARCH! ---what? Really? This research I am working on for grad school is SO stressful and incredibly outside of my comfort zone like I have mentioned before! But, I am learning a lot (about myself too) that I know will make it all worth it in the long run. 

November 14th: RYAN.  A million times over. I am so grateful for Ryan.  On Saturday, I flew to DC for the weekend.  I was so anxious to see had been 6 weeks which is the longest we have ever been apart.  It was wonderful to see him and finally get to have a very cherished airport hug.  I am so grateful for him.  I sound like a broken record, but on Saturday night Ryan and I were in one of the most dangerous situations that we (hopefully) will ever be in.  And he threw me in front of him (it was happening behind us) with the intention to save my life/ literally take a bullet for me.  We were at Union Station waiting at our platform when out of no where we heard rapid gunfire that seemed to be coming down the tunnel we were waiting at.  He threw me in front of him and pulled me out of the station (it felt like an eternity---I have no idea how long it really took).  We fled to safety and frantically looked at the news to find out what happened.  The news is reporting that an off duty cop shot repeatedly at a stabbing suspect, but it really seemed like an active shooter when we were there.  We don't know what really happened.  What we do know is that it happened right where we were and we made it out safe.  We are both working on being okay and being there for each other through the processing stage.  I truly have the bravest, strongest, most selfless fiancé.  And even though I already knew that, it was definitely reiterated on Saturday night.
Right after the airport pick up!
Ryan's new office! So fancy!
The most beautifully captured pizza/garlic knots/diet coke combo
Some delicious macaroons from a little shop called "Treat Yourself"
November 15th: Ryan (and I)'s roommate (future for me).  Willie is a great guy that Ryan went to law school with.  He is definitely one of the funniest people I know.  And last night when Ryan and I wanted to go back on the metro (more so ryan, less so me) I called upon Willie to crash our date to help keep us light hearted.  We went to a great BBQ place in the Naval Yard area and then took the metro a few stops further for ice cream...the second ice cream of the day.
Chipotle and the grocery store with Ryan (our absolute favorite errand to run together, seriously)!
The first ice cream of the day....(did I mention we also got ice cream at the grocery store?)
Ryan and Willie in front of the town home
Walking around the Naval Yard post-dinner
So grateful for this man
And of course, ice cream part 2

November 16th: Today I am particularly grateful for my dad.  I just got home from the airport and was immediately freaking out.  I am shaken up about the weekend and terrified for Ryan's current safety in DC and just needed my dad.  And he answered, and was awesome as always.  I wish so badly that I could go home to see my parents right now, but the phone call was a close second to exactly what I needed. 

Now, I am off to finish more grad school work and send a big shipment of old clothes to ThredUp!

Wishing you LOTS of ice cream and happiness today!

P.S. No matter how many times I try, I can't get my photos to stay centered! Help! Any advice?


  1. So so glad you are okay. Also your hair looks awesome (I keep wanting to use the term "on point" and then I remember I am an adult.) That last pic of you and Ryan is my new favorite!!! <3 Grateful my sister has such a great guy to protect her.


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