Adventures in Moving to DC

So tomorrow is the big day--I officially move to DC to join Ryan!  And what better way to put off packing than to write a post about how I should be packing.  For reference, maybe 1/3 of my stuff is in boxes that I shipped to DC from Milwaukee last week and the other 2/3 of stuff is completely covering my bedroom at home. Yayy...

Anyways! The big move is finally here.  And even though the good byes were so hard in Milwaukee, I am finally getting excited (maybe a little bit) about the move.  A lot of people have had a LOT of questions for me about the move and DC in general so--here are some answers.

  1. Ryan is getting his LLM (in ERISA/employee benefits/tax) at Georgetown Law.  It is a year long program and he is already halfway through. 
  2. I am joining him even though there are only five months (thank goodness) left in the program.  Because I graduated in December in a field of study that mainly only hires at the end of the school year/march-ish for the next year (and where will we even be in 5 months? who knows). 
  3. And also because I miss him! And if we don't HAVE to do long distance, we don't want to!
  4. We have no idea where we will be after May.  Truly, no idea.  It's easy to say "oh we will probably stay in DC." But, it could truly be anywhere.  Ryan is working at a firm right now in DC while completing the program but that firm has offices all over the country AND that still doesn't mean that he isn't applying all over the country.
  5. We are getting married in Milwaukee--yes, even though we don't know if we will live there! And yes, that is stressful.
  6. We are essentially willing to move anywhere.  It would be ideal to end up back by our Milwaukee friends or near either of our families, but we don't have a lot of control over that.
  7. I will be nannying full time starting immediately while continuing to applying for counseling jobs in the area. 
I think that's it!  I've given this shpeel a lot over the last few months.  And every response is very similar.  And sounds close to, "Oh, what an amazing adventure!"  It is an amazing adventure.  But, right in this moment as I pack and text my MKE friends, I am a little sad!  However, all of that is out weighed by the overabundance of excitement that we are done with tearful airport good byes, crying on facetime (ryan of course--not me, never), venting and being sad to my mom, grocery shopping alone and the lack of weekly date nights.  I finally will have my parks and rec watching partner back!

Next time I blog--it'll be from DC (and by DC I mean a city outside DC that someone recently told me used to be called....murder city)!

Love and packing!


  1. Wow good for you! I'm sure you're excited, nervous, sad and much more! Sometimes I wish I could be more adventurous and move somewhere! Congrats and good luck with the move!

    1. Thank you so much! I was so stressed about the move and luckily it went well! You're so sweet!


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