Happy Tuesday!  This morning I am linking up with Jessica, Amy, and Alisha for week two of the Bits of Cheer linkup!  This past week I had so much fun celebrating the Christmas and Advent season! 

1. Ryan surprised me with this amazing Advent calendar!  I was shocked when it came in the mail last Thursday.  It is completely perfect for me--I am nail polish obsessed!  And I had just sent all of my polish to DC so it was impeccable timing!  It has been so much fun opening each little door every morning.  I have also been attempting to use the new polish each day.  I am such a lucky lady.  It was such a thoughtful gift for me and I never grew up doing individual Advent calendars so this is a particularly nice treat!  So here you go (I started on the fourth)---
This is just a pot of loose glitter and I am in love!  I poured it all over my nails after applying a top coat and I can't stop looking at them!

2. I also hosted a pregame for the Marquette basketball game on Saturday for all of my friends and their husbands!  It was so much fun to host an event (even a little one) when the Christmas decorations are up.  It was a great practice run through for when my parents, future in laws, and grandma come to visit the weekend after next (and Ryan, too)!  I will preface this pictures with saying that I am not a big drinker, Ryan hardly drinks so in turn I hardly drink, but when there is day drinking and champagne involved only once a year, I indulge with my friends (minus Emily who has a bun in the oven)!
(That bottle was almost empty--for the record! I just want to show off my MU bow)

3. I mentioned last week that every year I have taken Ryan out on a Christmas themed date.  This year, since he isn't here, my lovely friends Emily and Ashley volunteered!  They are the absolute sweetest and I will miss them dearly when I leave.  I gave them little Christmas gifts, we built a gingerbread house, watched the Santa Claus (the best Christmas movie of all time), went to the Public Market to see the gingerbread house contest, walked around the Christmas lights in the area parks, and then ate Santa shaped noodles!  It was Christmas overload and such a treat to spend a fun Sunday afternoon/evening with them!

This next week I don't have a lot of "Christmas" things planned...my week is mostly filled with good bye's as I near the end of my time in Milwaukee!  But, I am so excited to share all of our family holiday traditions next week! 

Love and gingerbread houses (I will have built 3 by the time the month is over)!



  1. Your gingerbread house turned out great! I love the nailpolish Advent calendar. That's so neat!

  2. Your date with your friends reminded me of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHOIYCX61fY


    Also, I LOVE the Santa Clause (I literally just got the double meaning of the title.... yikes) I have such good memories watching it on our way to Grandma and Grandpa Lashley's. BUT have you ever seen It's a Wonderful Life? I watched it for the first time last year and I think that takes the cake for best Christmas movie!!


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