Happy fourth week of Bits of Cheer!  Linking up this week for the last one! I can't believe that this is the last week.  I have loved my weekly focus on Advent and the Christmas season.  This Christmas season was so chaotic and the posts really kept my focus on enjoying the celebration with friends and family.  They were my order amongst chaos!  This past week was the big one.  I had the last day of work at two of my jobs.  I sold my car (that I have had since I was 16).  I said good bye to all of my friends.  My parents met my in-laws (or they were all four together for the first time).  I graduated from grad school and got my Master's degree.  WHAT.  That sentence is crazy.  We took our engagement photos (we only got one preview--look how cute)! And, I officially left Milwaukee.  That sentence is the hardest.  A more detailed post to come on the big kahuna of a weekend!
I am dying to see the rest!
My favorite view of the condo--the last night there!
ANYWAYS! I have been home just since yesterday afternoon and it has been stuffed full of Christmas festivities.  When my parents and I got back (we drove from MKE to Omaha), luckily, my sister and her family were at our house--yay JM time!  That little godson of mine has grown SO much in ability, personality, and size since I saw him last in October.  We spent the afternoon and early evening cuddling and giggling with JM.  After he went to bed, Emily and I went to Target (as sisters do) to pick up a couple of random things and to prepare for baby crafting the next day!  After Target, we sat at the bar at a local pizza spot and had a drink while we waited for pizza to take home to the family.  We realized it was the first time we had ever been out just the two of us to get a drink (a free drink, I might add). 
JM being particularly cute
With our free drinks!

We came home and attempted my aunt's famous (to me) peppermint milkshakes!  She is such a sweetheart and sent us candy canes and coffee grinders so that we could grind up the candy canes and make them ourselves this Christmas since we didn't get to see that side of the family this year.  Peppermint milkshakes (vanilla ice cream, candy canes, and milk) are delicious and such a nice treat at the end of a crazy Christmas day!
Our peppermint milkshakes
Today, I went last minute Christmas gift shopping with Emily and finally finished my Christmas shopping!  Buying for 13 year old girls is tough!  We have gotten to spend so much wonderful time together even just in the past 24 hours.  I miss that girl so much when we are apart!  When we got back, we started the JM baby Christmas craft...it went better than expected!  And JM was completely enthralled in his puffs while we worried about his green feet!
JM already LOVES crafts!
Ignore this blurry snapchat quality--but look at that lil foot!

Now, we just get to spend the rest of the week prepping for Christmas and working on special surprises for the week (and trying not to think about the big looming DC move).  We are also praying for Preston and Stephen...little baby Stephen is ready to come into this world a little early and we are praying for a healthy, happy mama and baby! 
Best way to end an evening at home

Love and chaotic Christmas details!



  1. LOVE the engagement picture preview, so pretty! You look amazing! I love family time, it is the best. I hope you have a Merry Christmas! Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thank you SO much! Your link up was so much fun--I loved participating!

  2. Wow you've had A LOT going on! Have fun and relax over the holidays! Can't wait to hear the updates on your new adventures!

    1. Yea--I am trying my best to relax! Tomorrow is the packing day and Tuesday is the big move! I hope you have had a great Christmas week!


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