7QT: School, Chobani, and Coloring

Linking up with Kelly today for 7QT!  This week has been an odd one.  The family I nanny for's grandma was visiting so she has been helping me every day with the girls--which is such a blessing, but kind of throws the flow off.  Ryan and I did a lot of nothing after work this week which I am grateful for!

1. Ryan's class schedule starting Tuesday--I better prepare for a lot of solo dinners in my future!

2. This is what a nanny lunch on the go looks like!  The parents so kindly offered to always have lunch food for me and I requested PB sandwiches--why not!  I eat like a child.
I love ALL the cuties!

3. There was another particularly rough day with the babies this week when everyone refused to nap so I spent my evening shamefully watching Teen Mom and proudly coloring to relax.
Few things top new markers and a new coloring book!
the finished product

4. And obviously on Wednesday we needed Chick Fil A.  Ryan has a lot of crazy stuff going on work/future job wise and this is his version of coloring to relax--spicy chicken sandwich with extra chick fil a sauce.

5. Obviously, I love Chobani Flip.  I have talked about it on here almost an embarrassing amount (key word: almost).  And I had been on the hunt for this Christmas flavor! Our roommate Willie so kindly let me have his and it did not disappoint!

6. Look at these beauties!  These are the only thing on my birthday list this year (other than some Aveda shampoo) and I hope I get them :)
7. Last night, I met Ryan's college roommate for the first time!  She came over for tacos and we tossed all wine norms out the window and enjoyed a red from Maryland that she brought over with our tacos and nachos :)
Have a great weekend and thank you for reading! Hopefully, next week's post will be filled with my engagement pictures!



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