Adventures in Resolutions

Hi pals! 
I love a good resolution.  I am all about fresh starts.  And I have spend the past few days trying to come up with goals for the new year.  But, I can't stop thinking about this past year first.  2015 was amazing, exciting, scary, and pushed me outside of my comfort zone.  A year ago I was telling Ryan to apply to Georgetown and what has felt like a blink of an eye--boom!  We are here.  And 2016 isn't slowing down!  I am so excited that this year will be filled with our wedding, new jobs, moving, and possibly a new city.  Ryan is applying to jobs all over and even though we're only a week into this move, I can't help but think, "bring it on, I'm totally a pro."  I guess my new book club, a couple of plans with friends in DC, and some exploring with Ryan has me convinced that things are going to be just fine.  It doesn't hurt that the two little girls (K and C) I started nannying this week are absolutely perfect.  They are three months old and so incredibly precious. 

But, back to resolutions and goals!  I have a little list that I am feeling very determined about right now.
  1. Read one non-fiction book a month.  I love to read but, my books are usually chick lit or YA and I really want to widen my reading!  This new book club is proving to be very helpful so far---I am currently reading Brain on Fire for the January meeting and I am really enjoying it.  Even though it is making me incredibly paranoid!
  2. Feel better.  This year was really up in down in terms of my personal health and working out.  I lost a lot of weight, gained some back, worked out every day, took months off at a time.  This year I don't have any specific goals other than make at least one healthy and active choice a day.  (Including hot Cheetos only on Sunday....) I am going to work the gym into my schedule starting next week (the adjustment to full time work again is taking it out of me--wah wah).
  3. Live intentionally.  More on this next week :) I am still solidifying what I want this to look like for the year.
  4. Self care.  This past year I spent a lot of time identifying the most effective forms of self care for myself.  They pretty much include coloring, painting my nails, unwinding with a diet coke, quality time with Ryan, and sometimes it means a Netflix binge. 
So, here we go!  Bring it on 2016.  I am ready for you (especially for the craziness that's coming with it)!

Love and coloring!



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