Filling my Bucket

This past weekend completely filled the bucket.  During the past few months in Milwaukee, I was rejuvenated over the weekend by relaxing and an overwhelming amount of self love(painting my nails, coloring, occasional cardio, guzzling diet coke, seeing my pals) and so far in DC my bucket has been filled with adventures with Ryan.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

And with Georgetown classes starting up again in a week, I need to fill my bucket as much as possible to last a while!  Law school tends to leave me without quality fiancé time pretty regularly.  Only slightly exaggerating when I say it feels like a long distance relationship all over again!  I do a pretty good job (key word: pretty) staying rational and understanding, but probably twice a month (coughweekcough) I get a little pouty *Fingers crossed* that this is our last semester of school as a couple, ever.  We have promised each other at least a few years off after this one!  But, with the anticipation/dread of the semester, we have decided to do as much as possible on Saturdays and Sundays.

Last Friday, we did our favorite activity, grocery shopping.  No joke.  We love doing that together and we always both got so sad during the fall when we would do it alone.  So, we hit up the grocery store and Chipotle and possibly Baskin Robbins (yea okay, we went to BR). 

On Saturday, we had tickets to see Star Wars at 2:30 so we bummed around until it was time to leave.  Which, now that we take the metro every where, needs to be incredibly early because apparently it can be a little unpredictable.  I wasn't totally jazzed about seeing the new Star Wars movie, but when I saw that you could see it at the National Air and Space Museum at the IMAX I was singing a different tune.  Other than being in the fifthish row and having both sore eyes and a sore head afterwards, it was amazing.  I can honestly say that I can't wait for the next one. 
Outside the IMAX post movie!
We had planned to go to Old Ebbitt Grill afterwards but on the metro ride there we decided to cancel our reservation and play it by ear.  We decided to save our gift card for next weekend instead!  After the movie, we went to Five Guys (my favorite place ever. two words. Cajun. Fries.) and then, because I apparently need dessert constantly, we went to an amazing candy store that is conveniently right on Ryan's way home every day. 
Evidence of said candy store having everything!
If you were wondering, the wedding diet is obviously going very well for everyone over here.

On Sunday, we took the metro into Chinatown to run some errands and explore.  We went to Loft for a return (and I quietly drooled over everything I loved) and to Allen Edmonds for Ryan to treat himself to his first pair of their shoes.  It was so much fun to go with him and pick out such a big "treat yo self" item that he had been wanting and wishing for for a while.  We kept walking for a while (I had no idea where we were) and stumbled upon Dolcezza.  Dolcezza is a coffee and gelato place (our two loves combined) and we popped in because I had recently been introduced to Bridget's blog that morning by her SIL Amy.  I remembered reading that she worked there (ps I'm a creeper) and figured we would take a chance to see if that was the one and, I mean, gelato.  And low and behold, she was there! And Ryan encouraged me to introduce myself.  Luckily, she is so incredibly kind and lovely and I don't think we freaked her out.

After Dolcezza, we walked our way down to Astro Doughnuts because it was on our "list" and close by.  We got doughnuts to go while I talked/guilted Ryan into seeing Sisters with me before we went home.  He said yes (have I mentioned how lucky I am?) and we went to Georgetown Law to drop some stuff off before making our way to the movie. 

Sisters was hilarious if you love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as much as I do.  But, it was also vulgar and had a no-so-great story line.  But, Ryan and I both agreed that we loved the movie because it was clear that they were just two best friends having a great time making a movie together...and I also had to agree to seeing Deadpol on Valentine's Day (incredibly romantic).  And with a Smoothie King right outside the theatre, we, of course, had to make one more stop before going home!
Don't tell Ryan, but Jamba still wins.
See?  Even typing this all up filled my bucket a little bit more!  We are cramming DC memories in left and right and I couldn't be happier.  Who knew I would love this city so much (well, a lot of people.  Just not me)?

Love and buckets of happiness!



  1. It sounds like you are loving DC! I lived there for two years and it is such a special city, and this (being engaged) is such an awesome time of life!
    So glad you got to meet Bridget, shes awesome and facetimed me to say she met you and your super nice, so totally a win on both sides!
    So glad you and Ryan and finally in the same city! My hub and i dated long distance for 3 years so i remember well the excitement to finally have our normal lives together in the same city!!

  2. I do love DC so far but it is almost constant that I feel so overwhelmed by so many things I 'think' I should be doing! I have never lived somewhere before where there is SO much to do all the time! And those three years must have been so hard! We are so grateful to be together! It is amazing, I thought it would be hard to be away from everyone but being together is really irreplaceable! Thank you for all of your sweet comments :)


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