This past weekend was another great one.  We have been seriously loving our time together in DC and have squeezed as many fun things to do in as possible.  Ryan's classes start tomorrow so we took full advantage this weekend.  Other than my phone experiencing death by toilet, we had the best time.
We had briefly been to Georgetown to have dinner with my cousin and decided to dedicate our entire weekend to the area.  We took the metro down (over? up? I have no idea where anything is) and explored all afternoon and evening.  Our stops included Baked and Wired, the Georgetown campus, Filomena, and spending a LOT of time at Patagonia (Ryan tried on everything and bought nothing--story of his shopping life).  Every single bite of food I had this weekend was amazing. 
Baked and Wired totally lived up to the hype and was absolutely worth the cold wait outside.  We each got two--one for then and one for the next day and still need to go back to try more flavors!  The flavor names were half the fun.  And after having Georgetown Cupcakes and Baked and Wired--Baked and Wired definitely won.  Although, cupcakes are a lot like pizza.  Even bad cupcakes are still good cupcakes!

Filomena was an amazing experience that I will not soon forget.  It was loud and bursting with energy.  I have never eaten at a restaurant like this.  Let alone a place that lists the celebrity who likes the dish best under each item.  Ryan and I didn't even finish half our meals.  He got some delicious pesto pasta pillows (who knew that was a thing? I just thought it was a cute way to talk about ravioli) and I got the penne alla vodka--even though my dad was insistent on me ordering Clint Eastwood's favorite.  Filomena was full of life and watching the women in the window make the pasta when you walk by isn't a bad touch either!
On Sunday, we decided to round out our DC tasting weekend by stopping by the Old Ebbitt Grill.  I am so grateful for his sweet aunt and uncle that got us a gift card to this place.  It is such a historical restaurant and I had just as much fun eating there as I did reading about the history before we went.  Again, the vibe was almost better than the food!  We may have been dining in the presence of politicians or other important people, but we were tucked away in the corner and I only had eyes for--my dessert!
And on Monday--we detoxed!  But, really! Tomorrow, with Ryan's break ending, our ridiculous DC indulgent diet is also adjusting back to a much healthier place!  With only the occasional restaurant outing!  But, we sure had fun with our, essentially, food tours through DC this month! 

Happy four day week!!

Love and ridiculous cupcakes!



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