Visiting Milwaukee

This past weekend Ryan and I were in Milwaukee (we left DC right before Jonas hit) for all things wedding and marriage prep.  We were lucky enough to fit in some family and friend time too.  Being back in Milwaukee is surreal.  I was worried that I would be sad during my visit (sometimes I tend to get too carried away to enjoy the moment) and mope about not living there anymore.  However, Ryan and I were both pretty surprised that that wasn't the case. 

We flew in early on Friday morning (we landed at 7:00am...) and just barely made it through security in time to make our flights.  We spent the first part of Friday relaxing and procrastinating our looming to do list.   And ended our day with the G's aka our Milwaukee family. 

On Saturday, we had a marriage prep meeting at our church with all of the other couple's getting married there this year.  During the meeting, our priest joined us and we completed the ever stressful survey/questionnaire individually about our relationship and values.  Our priest is truly a gem and walked us through the entire thing at the end of the 4 hour meeting.  We left feeling strong, refreshed, and with a handful of things still needed to be talked about :)

Afterwards, we met with a real estate agent and my future father-in-law to discuss putting their condo on the market.  I am feeling so bittersweet about this because Ryan has lived there ever since I have known him and I moved in when he went to DC.  I will miss that condo so much, but he keeps reminding me that home is where he is and that helps.  After that, we had our tasting! So far, definitely one of my favorite parts of the wedding planning! The menu has been officially chosen and we can't wait.

That night, Ryan and I split up to meet up with friends and I had a great and much needed girls dinner downtown.  I talked their ears off, but had missed girl talk!  Later, I met up with Ryan to say hi to his friends and end the evening at our favorite german beer hall.

On Sunday, we had breakfast with his dad and then relaxed until lunch with the G's at AJ of my favorite places in MKE.  We felt extra lucky that we got to see them twice over the weekend!  Then we spent time putting away personal items in the condo and preparing it to be photographed for the listing.  I ended the evening with froyo with one of Ryan and I's very dear friends, Sam! 

Monday rolled around and we were so grateful our Sunday night flight had been cancelled due to snow.  With the storm, I didn't have to work and Ryan didn't have to go to class so we were able to relax and not unpack one thing...

Right before bed on Monday I read that the federal government was closed for Tuesday too so we were able to enjoy one last snow day before the real world starts again tomorrow!  We spent the day being equal parts lazy and productive and ended our evening with my grandma's spaghetti sauce recipe---perfect meal for a snow day!

If only I could actually unpack the suitcases...


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