February Goals

Monday, February 29, 2016

This past month, I stole a goal charting idea from a random tumblr post and thought I would try it out!  I labeled my four daily goals and then listed each number for each day.  The silver star stickers definitely helped my motivation :)
There are definitely trends!  When I was out of town I hardly did anything and working out on the weekends seems to be a total no-go.  My goals were to read or journal for 30 minutes each day (I think I read 6 books this past month), drink 64oz of water each day, meet my 10,000 step goal, and work out!  They were pretty straight forward and I am fairly happy with how the month went! 

I am moving forward with the same charting for March but my goals are 10,000 steps, drink my water, workout (except on weekends), and no chips.  How ridiculous is that?  But for how much I love any and all chips, I think I deserve a star sticker for each day I go without eating them. I'm such an adult!

And here is a small weekend photo dump!
my metro asthetic
friday fajitas

Love and wishing for chips!


7 QT: Carrie Underwood

Friday, February 26, 2016

Linking up with Kelly today for 7QT!  I am a walking zombie tonight because last night I was up way past my bed time at the Carrie Underwood concert in downtown DC!  I went with one of my good (and few) DC friends, Becky, and we had so much fun.  It was definitely one of those concerts where it isn't your favorite singer and you just go in hoping to know a few songs.  I was pleasantly surprised that I knew them all and, of course, belted them all out.  I listen to country every day but always on the radio and those powerful country female voices can sometimes get tricky to tell apart!  We didn't have the best seats, but I don't think there is a bad seat in the Verizon Center. 

And for dinner before hand we, obviously, had BBQ at Hill Country BBQ across from the Verizon Center (which is now my new favorite place to eat in DC)! 

So, in honor of Carrie and 7QT, here are my top seven favorite Carrie songs!

1. My current morning jam-- Smoke Break
2. The best song to belt out in the car-- Before He Cheats
3. Something in the Water
4. Miranda and Carrie make the best duo-- Something Bad
5. Two Black Cadillacs
6. Cowboy Casanova
7. And the best for last All-America Girl

Have a great weekend, everybody!


Weekend Celebrations

Monday, February 22, 2016

RI had a fantastic 7QT post ready to go on Friday and then...I got home and forgot and woke up Saturday morning totally bummed!  But, the reason I forgot was because (drum roll please) Ryan and I were out celebrating because he got a job offer at the firm he is currently working at and we are now officially staying in DC!  I didn't expect to know where we would be for the next few years until at least the end of March and Ryan was equally pleasantly surprised to receive and offer so early--especially to a job he didn't even interview for! 
I get Ryan really nice gifts!

While DC isn't my absolute favorite place, it's growing on me and I know that with Ryan here with me we can have fun anywhere.  I've heard that DC life is something you have to adjust to and I am slowly, very slowly, getting there!
How cute is this mini popsicle?

I got a very excited phone call from Ryan on Friday from work telling me about the offer and immediately all of our fears, worries, and stress washed away. We finally know where we will be long term (even if it isn't quite my favorite place in the world) and Ryan will officially be an associate at a firm after graduation!  I have never been more proud of him!  We celebrated on Friday night by going to Bar Deco across from his office for dinner and drinks and ended our night with desserts at Zengo--we are pretty good at celebrating! 
a horribly blurry photo of old town

Lucky me, we had already planned a date night on Saturday so I got double the date nights this past weekend!  We explored Old Town Alexandria (my very favorite neighborhood) and had dinner at Rustico and then I obviously really had to convince Ryan to go across the street to BUZZ bakery for a treat (I definitely didn't have a popsicle before dinner...).
BUZZ cupcakes

We had such a phenomenal weekend together celebrating this huge, new, exciting step in our life together!  DC here we stay(?)!

Love and constant adventures!

Boston, Babies, and Bonding

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

For my birthday last month, Ryan got me a ticket to go meet my newest nephew, Stephen.  And last weekend I ventured to Boston for the first time in 7 years to spend time with my brother, sister-in-law, and their bundle of joy!  I had such a great time with the three of them.  It was so nice to have quality time with them.  When I normally see them, we are always all in town for a big event or holiday and we don't get a lot of talking in so it was wonderful just to sit and talk together. 

Stephen is such a peanut and has the cutest--everything! We had a couple of fantastic meals out and on Saturday night I babysat so they could celebrate Valentine's Day...they paid in form of chocolate cake so it was hands down the best babysitting job I've had (the baby made it pretty great too).  The weekend was filled with so much quality time with both my sister-in-law and brother.  As you can see from the pictures, Stephen is quite the sleeper!  I am already counting down the days/months until I will see them all again.  It is so hard missing such big chunks of my nephews' first years...especially when they are growing so fast! 
When I got back on Sunday, Ryan and I briefly celebrated Valentine's Day with exchanging cards and he got me some gorgeous tulips...I'm such a lucky girl.  And even with the snow and ice yesterday, we ventured out for a pizza date to celebrate.  We don't usually do gifts on Valentine's day (the joy of having a birthday and our anniversary two weeks before) but Ryan got me a gorgeous bouquet of tulips and a super cute box of chocolates. 

My mom also sent us an adorable Valentine's day package that helped us surpass our candy quota...for the year!

One new favorite thing about DC: in 24 hours in snowed 6 inches, we had freezing rain and sleet, it rained, and then was 50 degrees and sunny.  I should start carrying four different types of jackets in my car at all times!
Now, look how sweet he is!  I love that little boy so much and miss him already! 

Love and baby snuggles!

Adventures in Shopping

Monday, February 8, 2016

I absolutely love to shop.  It's not secret to anyone that knows me.  I love buying that notepad in the dollar section at target just as much as the rare expensive purchase at the mall.  I love buying gifts and even love going to the grocery store each week.  I thank (and blame) my mother for this trait :)

But, in DC we have no room.  Like, our bedroom is so small that I have half a drawer of a dresser and a garment rack that takes up the only free space in the room. It's been awesome for my bank account.  Since I don't have room for crap, I haven't been buying crap!  I also work with two babies every day SO---I have no desire to buy the cutest new Loft top when I am hardly wearing the ones I own.  My current work uniform is t shirts and leggings.  Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining but I crave dressing up and an excuse for lipstick (my high school self would hate me for saying that). 

One thing I had been anxiously awaiting to purchase was a Love your Melon beanie and during the release last week I managed to snag one!  I now am wearing it constantly and I am pretty sure my cool factor has been upped?  (It's probably now decreased significantly since typing that).  Now I am trying to rationalize why I don't need another one...they're just so cute and for a good cause! They are having another release today if you are tempted to snag one too! 

Since discovering the amazing walkable stores from my usual metro stop--I have been craving walking around and doing some (mostly) window shopping.  And on Sunday I finally had the opportunity!  I had been looking at the same tops on the H&M for weeks, but wanted to look in the stores and ever since we had to quickly leave Forever 21 because Ryan was too hot aka we never go shopping together and I took him into a three story store--he needed to get out!  I've been wanting to go back solo.  So, I rationalized spending a little bit of money and set off on Sunday after mass. 

I walked around the limited amount of stores where I knew I wouldn't fall in love with something I couldn't afford and only ended up with some clothes at H&M!  I walked away with only black and gray---I was disappointed in myself!  I seem to becoming much more monochrome in my clothing choices (it's easier to match a fun lipstick if I am just wearing black!).  I got this go to shirt, this fun sweatshirt (at least I got a crazy pattern), and this sweatshirt for work.  No regrets!  I am really excited about them and love H&M's prices.  They are hard to beat!

I can't wait for the day that I will have a normal closet again and start making a lot of unnecessary purchases (Ryan is pretty happy with my limited closet space and fewer purchases--can you tell why?) :)

Two posts in one day--who am I?

Have a great week guys!  I hope your Monday is going as smoothly as mine (the babies are finally sleeping)!


Another Weekend Update

Last week, I was in a major funk. A pouting, crying, difficult to be around funk.  And, once again, I was reminded how wonderful Ryan is.  Because when he is stressed and overwhelmed with school he still manages to totally turn my mood around.  I was in desperate need of some serious quality time and sometimes beggars can't be choosers...so on Friday date night consisted of a pit stop for tacos on our way to the grocery store.  And let me tell you, District Taco did not disappoint.  It's hard not to love a place with a Salsa bar and fountain Boylan soda. 
On Saturday, I did a whole lot of nothing during the day which was just what the doctor ordered.  And then, the perfect ending to the day I met my friend Becky for dinner at Pi (deep dish and thin crust options---does it get better than that?) and then we saw the Choice.  I have no shame in admitting that I still see the Nicholas Spark's movies and I always, without fail, cry like a baby every time! 
On Sunday, I went to St. Mary's in Chinatown for mass and walked around solo for the afternoon.  It was so nice to just walk around and explore without the stress of things to get done at home.  For the superbowl, Ryan and I drove out to his aunt and uncle's and it was so nice to end the weekend with some family time.  I'm pretty lucky to marry into such a fun family!
This week will hopefully fly by---four days until I am in boston with my brother and sister-in-law snuggling my brand new adorable nephew!

Have a great week guys!


7QT: Engagement Edition

Friday, February 5, 2016

Linking up with Kelly today for 7QT--it's been a while!  Things have been pretty rough over here and I have totally lost all inspiration for (my definition of) clever blogging.  My only current blog ideas are dedicating two posts to donuts and yogurt...that's how exciting things are at the moment.

I have been anxiously waiting to get my engagement photos in the mail to use my top favs for my weekly quick take.  We got the link with all of the photos a couple of weeks ago and are totally in love with them.  Well, I love them all and Ryan loves about half of them.  For a guy who hates having his picture taken and usually pictures of himself, I took that as a win!  Resler Photography took our photos all around Milwaukee.  Kim was amazing and we are so excited for her to take our wedding photos. 

Speaking of weddings---I can't stop dreaming about the items I just added to our Anthropologie registry!  I am drooling over their gorgeous dishes...

Anyways, this is the link to the portfolio and here are my top 7 favs!

Have a great weekend!


Weekend Update: Birthday Edition

Monday, February 1, 2016

This past weekend I turned 27 (ah) which seems so much older than 26 for some reason.  This past year has gone by in the blink of an eye and it was a BIG one.  I spent a lot of last week reflecting on the last year with our anniversary and the bday falling in the same week (Ryan had poor timing in terms of gift giving).  And I will tell you...I had a big smile on my face thinking about the past (now) 367 days.  We got engaged, we moved away from everyone we know, we started a new life together.  And in the next (now) 363 days we will either move again or stay in DC, get a puppy, and get MARRIED. 27 is going to be a good one.  And luckily for Ryan, our new anniversary will be in October.
On Friday night, we were supposed to go out to eat for our anniversary, but Ryan had to much work to do if I wanted quality time on my birthday.  So, he worked and I cooked and spent a lot of time on hulu and in the laundry room (how cool are we? so cool).
On Saturday, I woke up to so many special birthday messages!  You guys really know how to make a girl feel loved!  Ryan ran to the store and came back with birthday donuts and tulips.  And AND Ryan got me the very best, most thoughtful gift--a plane ticket to meet my new nephew, Stephen, in Boston over valentine's day weekend!  Have I mentioned how lucky I am?

We drove out to Fairfax to go to Freddy's--one of my favorite places to go with my family in Omaha--and it was delicious as always.  It was nice to spend some time out of the city and to pretend like we lived in a normal suburb for a little bit too.
Afterwards, there was more work/homework and hulu for me!  I ran to Target for some grocery shopping and treated myself to a couple of birthday treats (like I needed an excuse).  When I got back, we went to another lifelong favorite of mine for dinner, On the Border.  I was such a happy girl!  We ate our weight in Mexican food and I had a massive margarita (it was obviously necessary).  We got home and I had been promised any movie of my choosing so I made Ryan sit through Trainwreck.  Poor guy...he hates uncomfortable moments on tv/in movies and that entire movie is one huge uncomfortable moment.  I also fell asleep earlier than halfway through.  I remembered Trainwreck as much funnier the first time...my dad was right, I should have made Ryan watch When Harry Met Sally (wedding hashtag front runner: #whenryanmetmeg).
On Sunday, my epic birthday box from my parents finally came!  That is always, without fail, the highlight of my birthday(weekend).  It did not disappoint.  You will now see me around town rocking brand new purple New Balances and my hair now smells like a Aveda salon.  What more could a girl want!
I went to mass at St. Peter's with Mags (one of my college roommates) and I fell in love with the church.  Even though it isn't the most convenient location, I think that's the parish I'm going to join!  It doesn't hurt to be able to go with a friend either.  We then walked all around the Easter Market and had brunch at The Chesapeake Room.  The service was less than ideal but my pancakes were delicious.  After walking around, I went to visit Ryan at work before heading home. 
This weekend was another great one.  I think the hard weeks make the weekends even better--!  I can't wait to see what my 27th year has in store for me!  Day one and two have been pretty great so far!
And one of the very best gifts: my future BIL interns at Emily's Pound Cakes in Alabama and he shipped me his favorite flavor!

Love and donuts!

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