7 QT: Carrie Underwood

Linking up with Kelly today for 7QT!  I am a walking zombie tonight because last night I was up way past my bed time at the Carrie Underwood concert in downtown DC!  I went with one of my good (and few) DC friends, Becky, and we had so much fun.  It was definitely one of those concerts where it isn't your favorite singer and you just go in hoping to know a few songs.  I was pleasantly surprised that I knew them all and, of course, belted them all out.  I listen to country every day but always on the radio and those powerful country female voices can sometimes get tricky to tell apart!  We didn't have the best seats, but I don't think there is a bad seat in the Verizon Center. 

And for dinner before hand we, obviously, had BBQ at Hill Country BBQ across from the Verizon Center (which is now my new favorite place to eat in DC)! 

So, in honor of Carrie and 7QT, here are my top seven favorite Carrie songs!

1. My current morning jam-- Smoke Break
2. The best song to belt out in the car-- Before He Cheats
3. Something in the Water
4. Miranda and Carrie make the best duo-- Something Bad
5. Two Black Cadillacs
6. Cowboy Casanova
7. And the best for last All-America Girl

Have a great weekend, everybody!



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