7QT: Engagement Edition

Linking up with Kelly today for 7QT--it's been a while!  Things have been pretty rough over here and I have totally lost all inspiration for (my definition of) clever blogging.  My only current blog ideas are dedicating two posts to donuts and yogurt...that's how exciting things are at the moment.

I have been anxiously waiting to get my engagement photos in the mail to use my top favs for my weekly quick take.  We got the link with all of the photos a couple of weeks ago and are totally in love with them.  Well, I love them all and Ryan loves about half of them.  For a guy who hates having his picture taken and usually pictures of himself, I took that as a win!  Resler Photography took our photos all around Milwaukee.  Kim was amazing and we are so excited for her to take our wedding photos. 

Speaking of weddings---I can't stop dreaming about the items I just added to our Anthropologie registry!  I am drooling over their gorgeous dishes...

Anyways, this is the link to the portfolio and here are my top 7 favs!

Have a great weekend!



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