February Goals

This past month, I stole a goal charting idea from a random tumblr post and thought I would try it out!  I labeled my four daily goals and then listed each number for each day.  The silver star stickers definitely helped my motivation :)
There are definitely trends!  When I was out of town I hardly did anything and working out on the weekends seems to be a total no-go.  My goals were to read or journal for 30 minutes each day (I think I read 6 books this past month), drink 64oz of water each day, meet my 10,000 step goal, and work out!  They were pretty straight forward and I am fairly happy with how the month went! 

I am moving forward with the same charting for March but my goals are 10,000 steps, drink my water, workout (except on weekends), and no chips.  How ridiculous is that?  But for how much I love any and all chips, I think I deserve a star sticker for each day I go without eating them. I'm such an adult!

And here is a small weekend photo dump!
my metro asthetic
friday fajitas

Love and wishing for chips!



  1. Oh my gosh I so badly want to do this and give myself star stickers for completing my goals!! There needs to be some rewards for being a responsible adult sometimes! Great idea!!! Glad your month went so well!

    1. the stickers are so encouraging! I highly recommend it! And your babies are so stinking cute! I love your photo updates!


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