Weekend Celebrations

RI had a fantastic 7QT post ready to go on Friday and then...I got home and forgot and woke up Saturday morning totally bummed!  But, the reason I forgot was because (drum roll please) Ryan and I were out celebrating because he got a job offer at the firm he is currently working at and we are now officially staying in DC!  I didn't expect to know where we would be for the next few years until at least the end of March and Ryan was equally pleasantly surprised to receive and offer so early--especially to a job he didn't even interview for! 
I get Ryan really nice gifts!

While DC isn't my absolute favorite place, it's growing on me and I know that with Ryan here with me we can have fun anywhere.  I've heard that DC life is something you have to adjust to and I am slowly, very slowly, getting there!
How cute is this mini popsicle?

I got a very excited phone call from Ryan on Friday from work telling me about the offer and immediately all of our fears, worries, and stress washed away. We finally know where we will be long term (even if it isn't quite my favorite place in the world) and Ryan will officially be an associate at a firm after graduation!  I have never been more proud of him!  We celebrated on Friday night by going to Bar Deco across from his office for dinner and drinks and ended our night with desserts at Zengo--we are pretty good at celebrating! 
a horribly blurry photo of old town

Lucky me, we had already planned a date night on Saturday so I got double the date nights this past weekend!  We explored Old Town Alexandria (my very favorite neighborhood) and had dinner at Rustico and then I obviously really had to convince Ryan to go across the street to BUZZ bakery for a treat (I definitely didn't have a popsicle before dinner...).
BUZZ cupcakes

We had such a phenomenal weekend together celebrating this huge, new, exciting step in our life together!  DC here we stay(?)!

Love and constant adventures!


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