Weekend Update: Birthday Edition

This past weekend I turned 27 (ah) which seems so much older than 26 for some reason.  This past year has gone by in the blink of an eye and it was a BIG one.  I spent a lot of last week reflecting on the last year with our anniversary and the bday falling in the same week (Ryan had poor timing in terms of gift giving).  And I will tell you...I had a big smile on my face thinking about the past (now) 367 days.  We got engaged, we moved away from everyone we know, we started a new life together.  And in the next (now) 363 days we will either move again or stay in DC, get a puppy, and get MARRIED. 27 is going to be a good one.  And luckily for Ryan, our new anniversary will be in October.
On Friday night, we were supposed to go out to eat for our anniversary, but Ryan had to much work to do if I wanted quality time on my birthday.  So, he worked and I cooked and spent a lot of time on hulu and in the laundry room (how cool are we? so cool).
On Saturday, I woke up to so many special birthday messages!  You guys really know how to make a girl feel loved!  Ryan ran to the store and came back with birthday donuts and tulips.  And AND Ryan got me the very best, most thoughtful gift--a plane ticket to meet my new nephew, Stephen, in Boston over valentine's day weekend!  Have I mentioned how lucky I am?

We drove out to Fairfax to go to Freddy's--one of my favorite places to go with my family in Omaha--and it was delicious as always.  It was nice to spend some time out of the city and to pretend like we lived in a normal suburb for a little bit too.
Afterwards, there was more work/homework and hulu for me!  I ran to Target for some grocery shopping and treated myself to a couple of birthday treats (like I needed an excuse).  When I got back, we went to another lifelong favorite of mine for dinner, On the Border.  I was such a happy girl!  We ate our weight in Mexican food and I had a massive margarita (it was obviously necessary).  We got home and I had been promised any movie of my choosing so I made Ryan sit through Trainwreck.  Poor guy...he hates uncomfortable moments on tv/in movies and that entire movie is one huge uncomfortable moment.  I also fell asleep earlier than halfway through.  I remembered Trainwreck as much funnier the first time...my dad was right, I should have made Ryan watch When Harry Met Sally (wedding hashtag front runner: #whenryanmetmeg).
On Sunday, my epic birthday box from my parents finally came!  That is always, without fail, the highlight of my birthday(weekend).  It did not disappoint.  You will now see me around town rocking brand new purple New Balances and my hair now smells like a Aveda salon.  What more could a girl want!
I went to mass at St. Peter's with Mags (one of my college roommates) and I fell in love with the church.  Even though it isn't the most convenient location, I think that's the parish I'm going to join!  It doesn't hurt to be able to go with a friend either.  We then walked all around the Easter Market and had brunch at The Chesapeake Room.  The service was less than ideal but my pancakes were delicious.  After walking around, I went to visit Ryan at work before heading home. 
This weekend was another great one.  I think the hard weeks make the weekends even better--!  I can't wait to see what my 27th year has in store for me!  Day one and two have been pretty great so far!
And one of the very best gifts: my future BIL interns at Emily's Pound Cakes in Alabama and he shipped me his favorite flavor!

Love and donuts!



  1. Your blog makes me want doughnuts! Haha did I tell you they are building a Krispie Kreme here??

    Anyways, Happy birthday!! So glad you had a fun weekend!!


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