Spring Break Weekend Wrap Up

I am so sad to see this weekend go!  Ryan is officially on spring break and since this week Ryan has a lot of work to do and next weekend I will be out of town, we filled this weekend with a week's worth of spring break fun!  Fun for us lately is just pure quality time.  It doesn't matter what we are doing, but it is just so nice to do stuff together.

On Friday night, Ryan had plans with a friend and I was able to catch up on some chores around the house and just relax. 

On Saturday, I spent most of my morning at the Maryland DMV...I had heard that the DMV was crazy, but it was so much worse than I thought.  I missed the ball in terms of planning and left our house at 6am to drive to a place that ended up only doing emissions tests...so I drove straight to another DMV (in the opposite direction).  I got there at 7 (it opened at 8:30) and I was the third person in line outside of the building!  It was absolutely insane.  Luckily, I had a new book and even though I had the wrong letters for proof of address, the woman working looked past it!  The process was incredibly uneventful until the woman asked me if my name really was Megan Isom, if that was real my birthday, and if for any reason I would have ever had my SSN changed.  She literally asked me so many times that I started to question...is that really my name?  Is this how people find out about secret adoptions???  I was mildly panicking and had a hard block on my license renewal and the supervisor had to remove the block and we had to complete the process all over again?  And then they didn't tell me why the block was there?  Only mildly freaking out still!  But...after all of that...I am now an official Maryland resident! 

After the DMV, Ryan and I went to Five Guys and Target for grocery shopping and literally, that is my absolute favorite Saturday couple activity.  Then I babysat the babies that I nanny while their parents went out to celebrate their anniversary.  They were particularly adorable! 

Today, we went to Tysons Corner to see Deadpool and walk around the mall.  We had a blast...we got dippin dots from a crane machine, macaroons, and just had a great time exploring the massive mall.  We lunch at CPK (I was craving a suburban-nonDC day and it was the perfect choice).  When we got home, we watched the Pens game (who completely dominated 6-1) and for dinner made these Salsa Verde Chicken Tacos.  They are highly recommended!  Only four ingredients and they taste better than regular tacos (that is saying a lot because I LOVE tacos)!

I hope you guys had a great weekend, too!  Now I am just wishing away this week because it's family time in STL next weekend!

Love and tacos :)



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