7QT: Easter, c-stores, rooftops, and wedding plans

Linking up today with Kelly today for 7 QT!  Life lately has seemed even more hectic than normal.  The chaos has all been fun, wonderful chaos which has made the beginning of spring incredibly fun.

1. I was in Omaha for Easter this past weekend.  It was so nice spending the quick weekend with my parents.  We were also able to pick up my wedding dress (swoon) and pick out the invitations!  I seriously have the best time when I am with my parents.  We went to a tapas restaurant and drank way too much sangria...so much so that I woke up before the Easter bunny on Sunday morning! 

2. Aside from the normal joy and celebration on Easter Sunday, we got some added joy with visiting a brand new gas station on our way home from mass. (Yea, you read that right, gas station).  I could honestly dedicate an entire post (and most likely will) to the love I have for gas stations.  My dad, who managed one when he was my age, told me that I need to start either calling them convenience stores or c-stores....so now my friends can make fun of my love for them even more! 

I honestly didn't even know it was weird to love c-stores that much until both Ryan and my friends started teasing me about the joy I have when I walk into a store with an awesome variety and wonderful treats!  C-stores are my dream stores because: snacks. I LOVE snacks.  I could eat snacks all day every day and be the happiest girl around.  I hit up certain c-stores when I know they carry my favorite treats and go out of my way to leave for work almost 30 minutes early just to guarantee that no matter the traffic, I have time to stop into 7-11. 

And EVEN if I don't particularly want a treat, I have so many positive memories from my family at c-stores (that seems weird, but it's really not) and QT's in particularly make me miss them so much!  We used to be able to go pick out treats on special occasions and my dad would have little weekly contests--the person who did the most kind acts that week--got to go pick out whatever they wanted at Quik Trip!  I love them and on Easter we went to the best one yet.  I walked away with...2 bags of chips and a very large cherry diet coke!

3. ANYWAYS, back to sounding like a normal person.  I worked a few extra hours the past two weeks at work and on Tuesday when I came into work they had a card, a target gift card, and a really nice bottle of tequila waiting for me.  Then they referred to me as Aunt Megan, so I pretty much have the dream job.

4. Last night, I spent the evening with my friend Becky on her rooftop drinking tequila slammers from these adorable cups and enjoying a gorgeous view of the sitting!  If you like s'mores I highly recommend toasting peeps for an upgrade...which we also did last night!  I swear, every time I do something new in the city I have a new neighborhood I want to live in.  So right now, it's Mt. Vernon.

5. Wedding planning is making me crazy.  Every task is fun BUT there are so many things to do.  A month by month break down to-do list, which I thought would make things easier, has just made the planning even more overwhelming.  But, we're getting there! 

6. Is there anything more fun than buying gifts for other people?  I have a dear friend's baby shower coming up, JM is turning one, and Baby Stephen is being baptized!  I had so much fun ordering special gifts for all of my favorite babies!

7. And last but not least, wish me luck because Ryan's aunts are coming in town this weekend and I have only met them one other time...I'm a little nervous!

Have a great weekend, guys!

P.S. Everyone should go buy this candle!  It is adorable and smells like tropical skittles (yum)!



  1. Okay, that is so funny because Drew always makes fun of my love for Quik Trip! I guess I never thought about it but maybe I like them for the same reasons!

    And what is a tequila slammer?? That sounds good!

  2. It is 4oz of cranberry juice, 2oz of tequila, and 2oz of sprite! And then you literally slam it on the table to mix it (according to the pinterest recipe! It was pretty delicious!


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