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Friday, April 15, 2016

Linking up with Kelly today for 7QT.  Get ready for a wedding planning update :)

PHEW! If this is what wedding planning looks like sixth months out, I can't even imagine what this will be like in four! Hopefully, I am on top of it enough that it will be a steady stream of chaos rather than it happening all at one in a few months. 

I can hardly believe it that we are sixth months (and one week) from our wedding day! In sixth months, I marry my best friend! We are over the moon excited.

1. Wedding videographers.  Holy. Crap. These people make a lot of dough! I completely respect what they do.  Wedding videos are absolutely breathtaking and I watch my sister and brother-in-law's an embarrassing amount of times.  BUT wow, they are pricey!  We finally found one.  And by finally I mean it took three days, but it seems like with wedding planning if I am not able to make a quick decisions it is completely consuming.  I actually lost sleep over this?  Also embarrassed to admit that.  But.  We found the perfect guy so--worth it.

2. Wedding cakes.  Cake tastings are about to be my jam.  This week I am flying to Milwaukee for my friend Emily's baby shower and while I am there I am going to two different cake tastings--I have a feeling this will be my favorite part of the whole thing.  Sadly, Ryan doesn't get to go with me but I am bringing along a friend to each and I have a feeling they are happy to go! 

3. Donuts.  Our wedding favor are donuts from our favorite place in Milwaukee, Cranky Al's and I almost was able to swing a tasting on Sunday but we have to settle with a phone call next week.  Plus, that sounds like a mega sugar coma come Monday morning.  We are so excited about the donuts, especially because my soon to be brother-in-law is designing the stickers for the bags!  I am loving being able to fit in special touches like that throughout the planning.

4. Swimsuits.  I am trying to slowly stock my dresser with some awesome swimsuits for the bachelorette party and honeymoon and just got this adorable suit from J.Crew in the mail yesterday. I love the suit and will hopefully love it on me by the time July comes around!  I want to grab a couple more before the 'moon but don't know which ones quite yet!

5. Flowers!  I am meeting with our florist for the first time this weekend as well.  It is a nerve wracking appointment, mostly because I have no idea what to expect.  I want very minimal color in my bouquets other than cream and blush and of course I want my bouquet to look like everything I see on pinterest so we shall see how realistic that is!

6. Small details. So many small details :)  I seem to add five things to my list for each item I check off!  Frames, bubbles, baskets...it is never ending!

7.The Groom. Oh my sweet, sweet groom.  Every day I fall more in love with the wonderful, patient, and kind man I am about to marry.  I get giddy every time I think about the moment seeing Ryan as I walk down the aisle...and even giddier when I think about a lifetime together!

Have an excellent weekend! AND if you have any wedding planning tips, I am all ears!

Love and wedding bells!


  1. Megan, congratulations! I just popped over here from 7QT, and I am so excited for you :) I think that cake tastings are really fun-who doesn't like eating lots of free cake samples? ;) It did exhaust me, though, because I don't know that I've ever looked through so many photographs of cakes in my whole life! (and my husband and I were both picky in the design we wanted; we had hoped to go for a more old-fashioned roses and vines look and not the cute fondant designs that are so prevalent).

    I've been married for almost 3 years, and let me tell you-life only gets better, and it is a whirlwind! There are days when I can't believe we've been married for nearly 3 years just because of how it's flown by. I think my two biggest wedding planning tips (which you may already know) are: 1. Don't get hung up in things that go wrong-because while weddings are awesome, they're only one day, as opposed to a lifelong marriage; and 2. Delegate!! There are so many tiny insane details that come up, and so much pressure is put on brides to "do it all." In fact, just a couple weeks ago, I was talking with a friend of mine who is super stressed because everyone's telling her that "it's your wedding, you do it all the way you want it." Definitely do the things you care the most about, but feel free to delegate jobs to other people and if you aren't particular about how certain things are done, then let them generate some ideas. I hope that you have a great weekend!! :)

    1. Hi AnneMarie! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! That is wonderful advice. So far, I have been just mentally preparing to attempt to go with the flow when things go wrong BUT no one has told me that I should delegate and that is wonderful advice! Also, hearing again that it just gets better makes me even more excited! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! And wonderful advice! Have a great weekend!

  2. Ahh wedding planning. I can't say I miss it much (we're 5 years this August.)

    Cake tasting was my husband's roommates favorite part of wedding planning.
    The 6 month mark is when things get real. All the things. All the opinions.
    No matter what - it's going to be beautiful!

    1. That is hilarious about the cake tasting! I think it'll be my friends favorites too...and that's how I'm feeling right now! It is very unexpected for me that it already gets this crazy at month 6! Thank you for your sweet comment :) Have a great weekend!

  3. Also visiting from 7qt. I love hearing about weddings and enjoyed planning mine 3 years ago. It does all just get better with time. There's a great series over at likemotherlikedaughter.org on planning a wedding after two or three daughters there got married.

    1. Thank you so much!! I am going to check that out!

  4. Visiting from 7QT :) I must be the odd one out here not having planned a wedding! But I, too, love hearing about wedding planning and the different approaches people take to the different elements/preparations of a wedding. Hoping to one day put into practise all the fascinating planning I've learnt, God willing. :)

    1. That's how I felt when people around me were getting married! It made me feel extra prepared going into my own wedding planning!! :)


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