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Linking up with Kelly on this lovely Friday for 7QT!!  As much as it feels like I am always out of town, lately I have been able to do some great things in DC, too!  And Ryan and I keep working to take advantage of the time that we do have to spend together (guys, in ONE month he will be done with school!)!  So, as a result these are some of my favorite things I have been doing lately.

1. Old Town Alexandria is still by far my favorite place for walking around, going out to dinner, or doing a little shopping.  I LOVE it.  I really can see us living there when we have a family...but I am getting ahead of myself!  Ryan met me at work one Friday to hang out with the babies and then we made our way to Old Town for some tacos, shopping, and popsicles (the ultimate trifecta).

2. We also were able to explore CityCenterDC again the other weekend.  I was in search of the pink lantern 'cherry blossoms' since we didn't make it down to the tidal basin to see them before they fell!  I love CityCenterDC (even though the shopping is incredibly unrealistic for a nanny).  The restaurants are delicious and it is a great little pocket in downtown.

3. Becky and I went out to National Harbor this month in hopes of riding the ferris wheel (Ryan is too afraid to join me)!  We grabbed a bite to eat, did a little window shopping, and finally got to ride the ferris wheel.  Although we didn't opt for the deluxe package ($50 a person...to watch AppleTV while you rode)...why is that a thing?  We had a great time!  I am so lucky to have a few friends here in DC who are up for all of the touristy things I want to do! 

4. A couple of weekends Becky also convinced me that I should try FlyWheel.  My brother has always been a FlyWheel guy and I did not think I would be able to handle it...and I hardly did...but I am glad I tried!  I don't think I will be a regular though!  I walked like a cowboy for two days.  Who knows though!  When they open a location closer I might have to give it another go.
5. This past weekend Ryan and I celebrated six months until the big day at a BBQ place in Georgetown called Old Glory.  I LOVED it for a million reasons.  A few of those reasons were the fact that it was not crowded, it felt like I was back in the Midwest, their fried pickles were perfect, and the beer was cold :)  The brisket was pretty fantastic, too!

6. After Old Glory, we were stuffed but I was determined to go to Sprinkles...I guess I am over being tired of cupcakes after the cake tasting!  Even though there are at least two other cupcake places in Georgetown that people rave about more (and we love them both) I had never been to a Sprinkles!  We got there right before it closed so my choices were limited (did I mention Ryan wasn't even getting dessert?  The wedding diet is going super well) I got the banana chocolate and the black and white mini cupcakes!  And the banana was possibly the best cupcake I have had in a long time (other than the ones we chose for the wedding of course)!

7.  Last, but not least,  I went to the Renwick Art Gallery with my awesome friend Mags on Sunday afternoon.  The exhibits were absolutely breathtaking.  And although we tried to capture it in pictures, they absolutely do not do it justice. 

We were laying on the ground when we captured these.

I have a long list of more DC recommendations, but if you have any more I would love to hear them!


  1. Your pictures from Renwick Art Gallery were amazing! I'd never even heard of it before but my kids would LOVE it. We visited DC last summer and are probably planning to go back in another few years - this will definitely be on our list of places to check out next time.


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