Airport People and Milwaukee Hangs

About two weeks ago, I flew to Milwaukee for approx. 30 hours.  Totally worth it.  And my trip started off absolutely amazing because I had the absolute best interactions with people on the plane/in the airport.  When I am in the mood, I live for making friends at the airport.  In fact, my friends gave me a hard time all weekend as I talked about my airport 'pick up line' and how I scout out who to sit by.  It's very ironic because my dad always talked to us about how much he disliked talking to people when he traveled and used to give us advice on how to make ourselves look bigger in our seat and to scowl as people walked by.

But, with me, none of that stuck.  I get giddy just thinking about possible friends I could make.  I have met all kinds of amazing people.  I have also had not quite so good luck--I have oddly sat by a lot of racist people in the past couple of months...I don't understand why they think they can openly talk about that with me.  But things get pretty awkwardly pretty quickly when I tell them my fiancé is biracial.  That's when the headphones come on. 

ANYWAYS! During my trip to Milwaukee, I hit the airport people jackpot.  First, I sat across from a woman at the terminal who was grading papers.  I waited a little while and then made a comment that grading papers were the worst.  That led to a 30 minute conversation about being a teacher, moving to DC, planning a wedding, and ended in us planning her 16 year old son's birthday party together.  So, we pretty much became best friends.

Then, while standing like cattle waiting to board the flight (thank you Southwest) (I actually don't mind the way that they board but that's what everyone always complains about when they stand around me) I complimented a woman's engagement ring next to me and she returned the compliment.  Turns out, her and her fiancé were going to MKE for the same reason I was.  They both lived in DC and were planning a MKE wedding for the summer! 

At that point, I was in such a good mood I would have been happy with those interactions alone...and then it got better.  I sat in an aisle seat with a middle aged man in the window.  I dropped my pick up line, "going home?" to read the vibe and he immediately responded and asked a follow up (first sign that you are about to make a new friend).  The conversation somehow got around to how hard it is to make new friends when you move to a new city, especially one like DC.  So, five minutes later when a woman that seemed about my age sat in the middle seat, he leaned over and gave us two free drink tickets and told us to have one on him.  She then proceeded to tell me she was from the MKE area and had moved to DC about 7 years ago and was going home for a wedding.  Immediately, the man in the window seat popped up behind her and gave me a thumbs up.

We spoke briefly, but (like everyone has asked me) I did not creepily ask for her number or anything.  We did, however, enjoy two free margaritas at 10am together! 

After all of that, I couldn't have been in a better mood when I got into town.  The weekend was an absolute whirlwind filled with cake tastings (I won't be able to eat another cupcake for a while), friend dates, baby showers, and floral appointments!

Whether you are someone who avoids people like the plague at airports or seek out new BFFs like me, I hope you aren't now wishing you never end up next to me on a plane. :)

P.S. Can you tell I am an extrovert?  As much as I love alone time, I get my energy from talking to people!


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