St. Louis and Arizona Weekends

This past month has been it's normal May-crazy!  I love the month of May because it is the beginning of wedding festivities for the summer and there is usually always a big graduation to celebrate ...and it's my favorite little man's birthday month!  But, before the madness of birthdays and graduation, I was lucky enough to go on two different family trips in late April and early May!

The very end of April was one of my favorite couple's wedding celebration!  My cousin Wendy and her husband Patrick got married in St. Louis and went all out with a STL themed wedding.  To say it was awesome is a drastic understatement.  The little details were spectacular.  I wish I could hire Wendy to plan my big day! 

The amount of signature cocktails I had had nothing to do with that either :)  It was the first time my entire family was able to just attend a wedding as adults without one of us in the wedding party or without one of us being the bride or groom and we lived it up.  One of the best parts of the weekend was just hanging out in my parent's hotel room before the big event watching my nephews play together (as much as a five month old baby can play)!  We had a great time and even though it ended in me sitting in the airport for seven hours (who knew you actually can't check a bag until four hours before your flight) it was still one of the best weekends!  Now the countdown is on until we are all together again! 

After that, I spent a weekend in DC just completely relaxing and catching up on errands and chores.  One major reality of living so far away from family, but also never wanting to miss out on anything, means a lot of travel!  So I took advantage of a weekend at home.

Then, came my trip to Phoenix!  My goddaughter Claire made her First Communion and was confirmed and asked my brother and I to be her sponsors in February.  We were both delighted, but I couldn't afford the ticket and he couldn't get back to work in time on Monday to go so he so kindly bought my ticket so that one of us could be there.  And it was an unforgettable trip.  I don't get to spend a lot of time with these cousins and my Aunt Julie and Uncle Mark, so when I do it is a special treat.  And a whole weekend with them all to myself no less! I had never been to Arizona before and it may sound silly, but I don't know that I expected it to all look the way it is portrayed on TV/movies/etc.  But HOLY COW it is gorgeous and absolutely took my breath away.  We spent time swimming, going on (my first ever) hike, and playing a LOT of hide and seek.  I had so much fun...and wasn't tired at all when I got home :)

And, of course, the best part was watching Claire receive her sacraments.  I was a pretty proud godmother when she was the only one in her class with perfect attendance and always got 100% on her tests!  She is the sweetest. 

More updates to come!!  Love and travel!


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