7QT: Seven in One

Good morning, guys! I'm linking up with Kelly today for 7 quick takes. How convenient for me because I have had a list of different blog posts to write for weeks...and now I'll cram them all into one. Lucky you!

I found the perfect work out tank over Memorial Day weekend (thank you Sports Authority sale)! I love it because it's flowy and has a high neckline. My two big issues with work out tops are the neckline and if they are too tight. I embarrassingly wore this three days in a row (don't worry, I washed it) so I thought it was valid to buy it in two more colors! Thank you, AmazonPrime!

As soon as Ryan was done with finals, we immediately went on a date! I always forget during the semester how great it is the moment finals are over. Ryan becomes a much more relaxed and willing to plan a date night version of himself :) This time we went to On the Border (forever and always my favorite restaurant...no shame) and then to Dave and Buster's. And OH. MY. GOSH. How have I never been to Dave and Buster's before? It was literally the most fun I had had in so long. So. Much. Skeeball. I could relive that date night a million times over and never get tired of it! 

As always, I'm currently binge watching a new (to me) show. I recently became obsessed with Royal Pains. I love the story line and the insane medical solutions. It's much calmer than Grey's which I appreciate and the characters are so easy to love!

A few weeks ago I went to get my hair highlighted. I specifically asked for him to just slightly lighten my hair and then eventually MAYBE I would go towards a more dirty blonde after my wedding. Welp, as he was blow drying I realized that there was definitely some miscommunication. It took me a long time to get used to but it has grown on me!  But, I won't be back to that salon any time soon. I felt like I had bad roots almost a week later and the product in the foil got on my ears so they were irritated for a few weeks.  It is so hard finding a great hair person when you move!  I could really use my mom coming here and trying out salons and then telling me where to go :)

A few weeks ago Ryan graduated from Georgetown with his LLM (a legal masters) and one of the best parts was the gala the night before at the National Portrait Gallery. His parents went with us and we had so much fun. It was my first real gala and the whole day felt like getting ready for grown up prom...and I loved it! The best part was definitely tied for this portrait of LL Cool J and this photo recreation. 

The Friday of graduation before Ryan's parents got to DC I got off work early and we went to an event called Truckeroo. It happens once a month outside of the Nationals stadium and if you like food trucks, this is your jam! There is live music (when we got there though it was just a radio over a speaker) and more food than you know what to do with! 

Last but not least, Ryan's graduation!!! This day felt like a long time coming even though the program was only a year. Ryan graduated on the Deans List and with distinction! He is such an amazing, intelligent, and hard working man. I have never been so proud of him. It is such a huge accomplishment (and we were also celebrating the end of school for us FOREVER)! His mom whispered to me during the ceremony if he should get his Ph.D.  next and I asked her if she was trying to kill me!  Now, all that's left is the bar exam! Ryan is taking it at the end of July so as soon as that's over...ill actually get to spend time with him on nights and weekends? I don't think we even know what that's like! I am counting down the days.

I hope you guys have a great weekend!


  1. visiting from SQT link-up..

    also Royal pains is fun. I need to go back to binge watching it. but some are.... a little bit of a stretch ;)

    ~Sarah @ disisd.com

    1. Thank you! You're so sweet! It is definitely a little bit of a stretch....I'm sure doctors hate watching it! Thank you for "stopping by"! :)


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