Barneveld Wedding Weekend

This past weekend Ryan was the best man in a wedding in essentially the middle of nowhere Wisconsin aka Barneveld! The groom's dad was my future father-in-law's roommate and teammate in college and they've remained best friends. The family is absolutely wonderful (I actually lived with them for a while in MKE) and we had such a fun time celebrating the lovely bride and groom!

Ryan and the groom as hilarious (and obviously very cool) kiddos

Before the wedding, we spent about two hours in Milwaukee getting some last minute wedding planning in! I miss the condo and can't wait to get married in this church! 
The bride looked absolutely stunning and the wedding was such a great reflection of them as a couple!
The groom's sisters, Hannah and Aubrey! And two of our bridesmaids!
On our way to the airport, we were able to make a pit stop to our favorite place to eat in Milwaukee! The little time there made me so homesick for the city and all of my lovely friends!
I can't believe our wedding is next!


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