Happy belated birthday, Ryan!

Monday, July 25, 2016

My intention was to post this on Ryan's actual birthday, July 16th, but we were busy celebrating (aka he was studying for the bar and I was running errands).  With the bar exam now starting tomorrow, Ryan couldn't celebrate too much!  But, I tried to celebrate him as much as his studying would allow.  I made him breakfast (how sad is it that that's the first time I've cooked a breakfast since moving to DC???), gave him his gift (that I had already told him about, of course), and then that evening I cooked his favorite dinner (honey sriracha chicken) and we had his favorite cheesecake! 

It was a little different than how we typically celebrate because I tend to make birthdays a week long event, but it was really nice.  And in two weeks we will be in Denver to celebrate a belated birthday and the ending of the bar exam---thank goodness!

Please send positive vibes, wish luck, and say prayers for Ryan tomorrow and Wednesday!  He has studied so hard and I know he will pass with flying colors!  I'm marrying a very hardworking man :)

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