7 quick life updates...again

Remember the good old days (10 months ago) when I had creative 7QT posts?  Me neither.  Life lately has been all sorts of fun and all sorts of crazy and I am linking up with Kelly to fill you in!

1. Two weeks ago, I was home in Omaha for an entire week because the family I nanny for went on vacation.  My mom, Em, and I spent a good chunk of the week getting a lot of wedding stuff done and spending quality time together!  And also, lots of JM snuggles!  I love nothing more than spending a week in Omaha--especially when my parents will be moving soon.  We hit all the best places and even got to spend a day at the pool (heaven).

2. Last weekend, Em threw me THE BEST bachelorette party of all time!  Who wouldn't love a party when the theme was "Sip Sip Hooray, It's Megan's Day!"  Total winner.  She thought of absolutely everything.  It was one of the greatest weekends I've ever had.  There was a little anxiety leading up to the trip because a lot of my friends aren't also all friends with each other, but everyone got along great and had a lot of fun!  I'm stressed excited for the big day coming up and for us all to be together again!

3.  And moving on to other big life updates, Ryan and I began the apartment hunt yesterday (see what I did there, so funny).  We looked at an amazing place in DC right by union station, but I think we will end up in Alexandria.  We realized that with our apartment budget we can get double the space in Virginia and once I mentioned to Ryan that he could have his own office, I don't think there's any going back.  We are touring a place today that is only 2 miles from my work and less than 2 miles from Old Town so I am pretty hopeful this could be the one (also super not in the mood to tour a million places). 

4. How is it possible that I am 27, have moved 11 times in the past 9 years--that's insane--and I have never actually had to look for an apartment?  Let me tell you, if I had 5 moves ago I would have stopped moving.  I don't know why it's so stressful to me?  But it is.  So, here's hoping that Ryan and I love this place today so much we don't want to look anywhere else (and we are signing a 2 year lease---thank goodness)!

5.  The wedding/shower gifts have started arriving!  And even though I know your not supposed to check your registries, I'm breaking the rule and doing it anyways.  Most fun mail of all time.  Ryan is a little less thrilled than I am about all of the fiestware (SO MUCH FIESTAWARE) and serving dishes but he had his moment with the coffee maker so I don't feel too bad.

6.  We are headed to Denver this weekend for about...30 hours tomorrow for a mini vacation!  We are essentially going to quickly eat our way through Denver and then head right back!

7.  Last but not least, I quickly bought Grace's nail polish recommendation last week and I am loving it!

Have an amazing weekend, guys!!! If you have any last minute Denver recommendations, send them my way!!



  1. Ugh, moving is seriously the worst! And the looking...there are just always too many options or way too few of options that meet your list. Good luck finding an apartment!!!


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