Saturday, September 24, 2016

I thought I would take the opportunity to finally post since Ryan just darted from the kitchen table to go catch a rare pokemon in the future husband is a total (cute) nerd.  I have been keeping a list in my phone of a million different blog posts to write and instead of writing separate ones they are going to get all smooshed together.

  • My parents celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary on the 22nd!  (A large part of why Ryan and I are getting married on the 22nd of October).  And every year that their anniversary rolls around I am reminded of all the wonderful things they taught my siblings and I about love, happiness, how to raise a family, and the important values we have always had.  Incredibly grateful for their wonderful example of a loving marriage that works truly as a team!
  • Ryan and I are getting married IN LESS THAN A MONTH.  Cue the nervousness and anxiety!  Happy to report that I am not anything but over the moon excited to marry Ryan...I am just worried that we haven't thought and planned for everything as well as we think we have.  So, I am hoping for the best!
  • Not only do we get married in a month, we move in 6 days!  So today, we spent the majority of our afternoon going everything we have at this house and deciding what to donate/throw away.  So now I am stuck with almost a bed full of stuff that I guess I take to good will tomorrow?  I have never done that before and ...cue anxiety again :)
  • Speaking of anxiety, I finally saw a psychiatrist after months of Ryan wanting me to for my anxiety and got put on some medication that seems to be helping.  I worry and get anxious about, what other people think, are the weirdest things.  And describing them all to my doctor was incredibly embarrassing.  But, alas, I did it and have now joined the anti-anxiety medication club.
  • I watched This Is Us on Thursday and I AM SO GLAD IT LIVED UP TO/EXCEEDED THE HYPE. I can't wait to see what they do with the series and I am so happy about it.
  • I ran a 5K.  That's right.  You read that correctly.  I. RAN. It was a miracle beyond miracles.  My friend Becky and I trained (as much as we could) with the C25K app.  We each slipped up motivationally at a few points during the prep but we both ran ALMOST the whole race.  And we immediately signed up for another one in November the next day.  I know people say that running outside is so much better than running on a treadmill. but I definitely didn't think that out weighted having to run outside/people seeing me.  And then I ran that 5K and HOLY CRAP it was amazing.  It was on the highway which was kind of bad ass and it was so exhilarating running outside.  Who knows, maybe there's a runner in me at last!
  • Update: Ryan caught the pokemon.
Okay! There we go :) I hope everyone has a great weekend! We are eating a frozen pizza and enjoying doing nothing as we mentally prepare for the chaos that is the next four weekends!

Richmond: Brunching and Massages

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Last weekend, Ryan and I drove to Richmond to spend Labor Day with his family.  He has an aunt and uncle there as well as his grandpa and since his grandpa isn't able to travel for the wedding, we decided to visit them for the weekend.  His aunt and uncle that live about an hour away from us, their daughter, and his parents ended up coming into town for the weekend as well. 

I'll tell you one thing, there are a million wonderful things about marrying Ryan, his family is right up there on the top of the list.  I absolutely loved getting to spend the entire weekend with them.  We drove to Richmond on Saturday afternoon and ended up staying at the Hilton next to the coolest mall ever.   And as a follow up to my last post, I do not have a shopping problem.  I just love to shop :)...that's all!  We went straight to his Aunt Mel's house and hung out for the evening.  Ryan's parents flew in that night and we ended up stopping by the mall for some fam time shopping.  After we left and headed back to the hotel, we had a night cap with Ryan's parents that...turned into being up until 1 am and way more glasses of white wine than anticipated! 
The lovely ladies at brunch!

Ryan's Aunt Val made me this adorable cake!
On Sunday, Ryan's mom and aunts threw me a mini bridal shower.  We met for brunch at the cutest place.  We all had amazing meals and when we were finished, we went back to the hotel for a spa day.  Let me tell you, best way to celebrate a new aunts is robes, massages, mimosas, and chocolate covered strawberries!  After the spa, we joined the guys for dinner back at his aunt's house and to watch the ND game.  By watch, I definitely mean I stared at the TV and pretended to pay attention.  But, the very best part of the weekend was laying on the floor next to his aunt surrounded by his family watching the game and feeling so happily part of his family.  You know that feeling you get when you are relaxed after a great day with your extended family and you are all just sitting around and you're so happy?  Maybe I'm the only one.  But, that feeling meant so much to me.  I never anticipated feeling that so soon, let alone before marrying Ryan, and I am so incredibly happy to feel so welcomed into his family.  They are the best!

On Monday, Ryan and I went to head home and...dundunduhhhh flat tire.  So, our trip home was a little delayed.  But, must better than a flat tire on the side of the road!  It was fixed fairly quickly and we headed home/to the outlet mall.  :)
love me a top notch c-store

perfect road trip snack

It was such a great weekend that just made me so grateful for Ryan's family!!  I am definitely hitting the in law jackpot!


Fall Favorites

Even though it doesn't quite feel like fall in DC (note even a little bit) my closet is starting to slowly transition and I am (im)patiently waiting to start wearing some new fall favorite pieces I have picked up over the past month or so.  My favorite two seasons to dress for are definitely fall and summer and it is absolutely because my fashion sense for those two seasons has stayed remotely the same for the past five or so years.  I like skinny comfy jeans, a loose pretty top, and something with a little bit of a flare.  (and in the summer, dresses...all of the wallet is still upset over the lilly pulitzer after party sale).

My old faithful, Loft, always always has the perfect fall items for me!  Especially when I am looking for pieces that are good staples, but also have a little pizzazz.  And I have found that when a certain trend doesn't fit right one year, they find a way the next year to make it work (they must be doing it because of me).  My romper this summer was a perfect example and apparently this fall, it's the peplum! 

I picked up this gorgeous peplum top on sale today and I am obsessed.  I have never found a structured peplum top that worked for me and I am so glad I tried it on.

I also am loving their different takes on peplum and have picked these two (one and two) beauties up as well for the fall. 

On Ryan and I's drive back from Richmond over Labor Day, we stopped at the outlets to get him some swimsuits for the honeymoon and I couldn't help myself and popped in to the jcrew outlet.  That labor day 50% off gets me every time.  And since I used to go with my girlfriends, I was feeling friend/homesick and took that as an excuse to buy something.  I also didn't buy another vest so I took that as a win when it comes to self control (HA).  I got this flannel that I love (the colors are gorgeous) and this popover!  Popovers aren't typically my style but I can see myself wearing this a lot. 

I definitely feel like I have the best of both worlds as I currently hope and pray for fall weather.  I can't wait to wear my fall clothes, but like I mentioned above, I got a couple of really great items from the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale that I haven't had a chance to wear...what perfect timing for a Hawaii honeymoon right at the end of October :)

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!


7QT: hobbies post wedding!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Linking up with Kelly today for 7qt!  Happy Friday!  About two weeks ago, Ryan and I decided that I am going to continue nannying the twins for another complete year rather than stopping at the new year!  I swear one day I will use my school counseling masters, but at the time being we just can't imagine our lives without the sweet babies !  And I absolutely love my job.  But, when the wedding planning is over it will leave me with a lot of free time.  When the babies sleep, I work on wedding stuff typically and after work I make dinner, paint my nails, and stare at my wedding to do list.  (isn't my life so exciting--I actually love it).  With the wedding FIFTY days away (holy cow) I've been thinking about how I am going to fill my time!

1. First option, dabble in calligraphy.  I would absolutely love to learn the skill and just be able to use it in my personal life (anyone need wedding invitations addressed in 6-12 months?). 

2. Hair bows!  I follow so many hair bow shops on Instagram and have always always loved hair bows!  I am really thinking about starting to make my own bows and possibly start selling them. Definitely a long term goal--but I would love to at least start making them for the girls I nanny and any future nieces. 

I know that etsy shops take so much more work than people assume, but I think I would really enjoy it!  And for any future daughters or nieces, I think it would be pretty convenient :)

3. Crocheting.  I definitely am going to learn how to crochet soon--I can't make baby quilts anymore because my major helper (and sewing machine) were in Milwaukee and there will definitely be more nieces and nephews in the future.  So, I thought the next best thing would be crocheting some baby blankets instead!  I wish I could keep making baby quilts, but hopefully crocheted baby blankets will look just as adorable.  If you have any go to crochet tutorials or any tips, feel free to let me know!  I can use all the help I can get.

4. Cake decorating!  My Aunt Vickie bakes and decorates amazing cakes and I have always been a fan of them.  As a shower gift last month, my aunt gave me an amazing box filled with everything you need to be a master cake decorator (and all of her recipes, too)!  I am going to take a class at Michael's in November and get the ball rolling :)  I think I will really enjoy it!  And, I love cake so even if they don't look beautiful, I will eat them...good bye wedding diet!

5. Snapchat photographer.  I mean check out my beautiful selfies.

6. A professional chip eater.  That is a hobby I already am pretty great at.  So, maybe I'll leave that alone.  At some point, I need to stop eating chips for dinner on the reg.

7. Okay, but in all serious, if any of you have advice on the cake decorating, crocheting, and/or hair bow making I would love it!  Those are definitely three hobbies that will be pursued and I could use all the tips I can get! 

Happy Friday!  Enjoy your long weekends :)

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