7QT: hobbies post wedding!

Linking up with Kelly today for 7qt!  Happy Friday!  About two weeks ago, Ryan and I decided that I am going to continue nannying the twins for another complete year rather than stopping at the new year!  I swear one day I will use my school counseling masters, but at the time being we just can't imagine our lives without the sweet babies !  And I absolutely love my job.  But, when the wedding planning is over it will leave me with a lot of free time.  When the babies sleep, I work on wedding stuff typically and after work I make dinner, paint my nails, and stare at my wedding to do list.  (isn't my life so exciting--I actually love it).  With the wedding FIFTY days away (holy cow) I've been thinking about how I am going to fill my time!

1. First option, dabble in calligraphy.  I would absolutely love to learn the skill and just be able to use it in my personal life (anyone need wedding invitations addressed in 6-12 months?). 

2. Hair bows!  I follow so many hair bow shops on Instagram and have always always loved hair bows!  I am really thinking about starting to make my own bows and possibly start selling them. Definitely a long term goal--but I would love to at least start making them for the girls I nanny and any future nieces. 

I know that etsy shops take so much more work than people assume, but I think I would really enjoy it!  And for any future daughters or nieces, I think it would be pretty convenient :)

3. Crocheting.  I definitely am going to learn how to crochet soon--I can't make baby quilts anymore because my major helper (and sewing machine) were in Milwaukee and there will definitely be more nieces and nephews in the future.  So, I thought the next best thing would be crocheting some baby blankets instead!  I wish I could keep making baby quilts, but hopefully crocheted baby blankets will look just as adorable.  If you have any go to crochet tutorials or any tips, feel free to let me know!  I can use all the help I can get.

4. Cake decorating!  My Aunt Vickie bakes and decorates amazing cakes and I have always been a fan of them.  As a shower gift last month, my aunt gave me an amazing box filled with everything you need to be a master cake decorator (and all of her recipes, too)!  I am going to take a class at Michael's in November and get the ball rolling :)  I think I will really enjoy it!  And, I love cake so even if they don't look beautiful, I will eat them...good bye wedding diet!

5. Snapchat photographer.  I mean check out my beautiful selfies.

6. A professional chip eater.  That is a hobby I already am pretty great at.  So, maybe I'll leave that alone.  At some point, I need to stop eating chips for dinner on the reg.

7. Okay, but in all serious, if any of you have advice on the cake decorating, crocheting, and/or hair bow making I would love it!  Those are definitely three hobbies that will be pursued and I could use all the tips I can get! 

Happy Friday!  Enjoy your long weekends :)


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