I thought I would take the opportunity to finally post since Ryan just darted from the kitchen table to go catch a rare pokemon in the future husband is a total (cute) nerd.  I have been keeping a list in my phone of a million different blog posts to write and instead of writing separate ones they are going to get all smooshed together.

  • My parents celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary on the 22nd!  (A large part of why Ryan and I are getting married on the 22nd of October).  And every year that their anniversary rolls around I am reminded of all the wonderful things they taught my siblings and I about love, happiness, how to raise a family, and the important values we have always had.  Incredibly grateful for their wonderful example of a loving marriage that works truly as a team!
  • Ryan and I are getting married IN LESS THAN A MONTH.  Cue the nervousness and anxiety!  Happy to report that I am not anything but over the moon excited to marry Ryan...I am just worried that we haven't thought and planned for everything as well as we think we have.  So, I am hoping for the best!
  • Not only do we get married in a month, we move in 6 days!  So today, we spent the majority of our afternoon going everything we have at this house and deciding what to donate/throw away.  So now I am stuck with almost a bed full of stuff that I guess I take to good will tomorrow?  I have never done that before and ...cue anxiety again :)
  • Speaking of anxiety, I finally saw a psychiatrist after months of Ryan wanting me to for my anxiety and got put on some medication that seems to be helping.  I worry and get anxious about, what other people think, are the weirdest things.  And describing them all to my doctor was incredibly embarrassing.  But, alas, I did it and have now joined the anti-anxiety medication club.
  • I watched This Is Us on Thursday and I AM SO GLAD IT LIVED UP TO/EXCEEDED THE HYPE. I can't wait to see what they do with the series and I am so happy about it.
  • I ran a 5K.  That's right.  You read that correctly.  I. RAN. It was a miracle beyond miracles.  My friend Becky and I trained (as much as we could) with the C25K app.  We each slipped up motivationally at a few points during the prep but we both ran ALMOST the whole race.  And we immediately signed up for another one in November the next day.  I know people say that running outside is so much better than running on a treadmill. but I definitely didn't think that out weighted having to run outside/people seeing me.  And then I ran that 5K and HOLY CRAP it was amazing.  It was on the highway which was kind of bad ass and it was so exhilarating running outside.  Who knows, maybe there's a runner in me at last!
  • Update: Ryan caught the pokemon.
Okay! There we go :) I hope everyone has a great weekend! We are eating a frozen pizza and enjoying doing nothing as we mentally prepare for the chaos that is the next four weekends!


  1. Haha this post is so fun! I love that you fit it all in the span of a pokemon catch!
    I will say a prayer that your anxiety is taken away and the medicine helps because wedding month can be so stressful and I hope you can enjoy it and now get anxious about things, its such a special time!! God Bless!


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